Apple agent uses student workers in violation of rules and regulations, “try every means to evade the supervision mechanism”

On November 7, surging journalists learned from the supply chain that Heshuo, the agent of apple, used student workers in violation of regulations. During the internship of Heshuo, these students worked overtime and worked night shifts. < / P > < p > according to surging news reporters from supply chain insiders, this phenomenon exists in both Heshuo’s companies in Shanghai and Kunshan. Every autumn is usually the peak season for iPhone production, which is when the factory needs the most hands. < p > < p > ASUS is an important supply chain enterprise of apple, which mainly manufactures iPhone for apple. Heshuo Shanghai and Kunshan factories are Changshuo Technology Co., Ltd. and Shishuo Electronics Co., Ltd. < p > < p > on August 8, ASUS confirmed in a statement provided to surging news: “in the recent audit process, customers found that some of the students in Heshuo’s Shanghai and Kunshan factories worked on night shift, overtime and engaged in work unrelated to their major, which violated local laws and regulations.” < p > < p > Heshuo did not directly respond to the number of these student workers. However, he stressed that when the incident was discovered, the company immediately transferred these employees from the production line and cooperated with customers and third-party professional organizations to make proper arrangements for the employees to return home or school, and provide reasonable remuneration and necessary support and care. < / P > < p > “we also immediately took the necessary measures to comply with the RBA code of conduct, strengthened the compliance process through cooperation with external audit, and listed the code of conduct evaluation as one of the key performance indicators for senior executives.” It said in a statement. Apple confirmed this to the surging journalists. In a statement, apple said it discovered a few weeks ago that Asustek had violated Apple’s supplier code of conduct during the management of student work programs, “and that” the person in charge of HOSO tried every means to evade our oversight mechanism. ” “Asustek mistakenly categorizes student workers in the project and forges documents to cover up violations of Apple’s guidelines, including allowing interns to work night shifts and / or overtime, some of whose work is unrelated to their major,” Apple said in a statement. The survey did not find any cases of forced or child labour. ” Apple said it had taken quick action to ensure that students returned home or to school safely and received direct subsidies in the form of financial compensation. < / P > < p > Apple’s official website clearly lists the need to “protect student workers”, and suppliers should not require employees under the age of 18 to work overtime or work at night. The supplier shall ensure the proper management of student workers and the protection of students’ rights in accordance with applicable laws and regulations through proper maintenance of student records and strict due diligence of educational partners. Suppliers are required to provide appropriate support and training to all student workers. Generally speaking, apple is very strict in supplier management. Over the years, Apple has been promoting suppliers to do better in environmental protection and employee protection. < / P > < p > Apple updates its official website every year to urge suppliers to go back to higher levels. In terms of employee protection, the supplier employees should take part in the induction training courses for new employees to learn about international labor standards. Employees can also dial an external third-party anonymous hotline and contact Apple’s supplier responsibility team directly at any time. Apple attaches great importance to reports of retaliation and will investigate them when they receive them. < p > < p > according to the information previously disclosed by apple, in 2019, as part of the supplier evaluation, apple interviewed more than 52000 supplier employees. Since 2008, 19.4 million supplier employees have received equity training. More than 31000 supplier employees contacted and confirmed that they had not been retaliated for their participation in Apple led supplier evaluation. < / P > < p > Apple stressed again in the statement: “Asus has violated the apple supplier code of conduct. We have a strict review and approval process for student work projects to ensure that the work content of interns is related to their major, and interns are prohibited from working overtime and night shifts.” < / P > < p > Apple not only has strict standards on supplier responsibility, but also attaches great importance to the implementation of its high standards. In response to this violation, Apple has issued a punitive measure. “Apple has placed ASUS under observation and will not cooperate with ASUS in any new business until it has completed all necessary corrective actions,” Apple said in a statement Apple’s statement also noted that Asustek had fired senior managers who were directly responsible for the project. < / P > < p > “although our mechanism eventually found these violations, we will continue to work to further strengthen our oversight mechanism. As always, we are committed to ensuring that everyone in our supply chain is protected and treated with dignity and respect. ” Apple said. There are five factories in mainland China, namely Mingshuo Computer Co., Ltd., Kangshuo Electronics Co., Ltd., Changshuo Technology Co., Ltd., Shishuo Electronics Co., Ltd., and xushuo Technology Co., Ltd. Privacy Policy