Apple and Huawei are the only high-end mobile phones in China, said an institutional analyst. Rice noodles: not satisfied?

Recently, according to a paragraph quoted by Mo Jia, an analyst at canalys, a famous market analysis agency, by it house, the analyst said: in China’s high-end mobile phone market, only apple and Huawei are the two suppliers. With Huawei being sanctioned by the United States, the prospect of 5g iPhone in China is very optimistic. In this article, many rice noodles said: don’t take our millet as dry food! Our cost performance is easy to play “friend business”! Today, I’d like to talk about whether the analyst’s analysis is accurate? < / P > < p > what is a high-end computer? It is estimated that in the hearts of small partners there is no clear answer, so is Xiaobian! Each digital manufacturer has a different definition of a high-end computer. Apple thinks that the price range of high-end computer is between $800 and $999. Huawei and Yijia think that more than $600 belongs to high-end mobile phones. So we will analyze it according to domestic standards. < p > < p > according to a recent report by IDC, a global statistical organization, in the first half of 2020, apple and Huawei mobile phones accounted for 88.1% of the domestic smartphone market share of more than $600. However, Xiaomi mobile phones ranked third only accounted for 4% of the market, while oppo mobile phones ranked fourth accounted for 2.6%. Samsung, known as Android’s “king of the machine”, only accounted for 2.5% of the market, ranking fifth. The other big vivo phone has fallen into the other ranks. < / P > < p > first of all, let’s talk about the Android “King” Samsung. In the eyes of Xiaobian, Samsung’s flagship mobile phones are indeed the benchmark in the Android camp. For example, Samsung S20 series and note 20 ultra are not said to be note 20 series mobile phones? The reason is that the note 20 is too castrated. Although it is in line with the price of high-end computers, the configuration really does not match the level of high-end mobile phones! On the contrary, Samsung a series and M series can not compete with domestic mobile phones! Especially after the “battery door” incident, consumers lost confidence in Samsung brand, which led to the depression of Samsung mobile phone in the domestic market. < / P > < p > next comes vivo. I personally think that vivo is a relatively weak brand among the four major domestic digital manufacturers. In the first half of this year, there are three models with a price over 4000 yuan, vivo nex 3S, X50 pro and PRO +. VIVO Nex 3S configuration is in line with flagship configuration, but the color value and camera aspect are not very pleasing, while X50 Pro make complaints about lightweight and micro PTZ, but Xiaolong 765G processor is being tasked by many digital bloggers as “high price low matching”. As for super large X50 Pro+, it meets the level of high-end machine, but the price is not considered worthwhile for consumers. However, its iqoo 5 Pro is indeed a dark horse, but it is not enough to shake Huawei’s position in the hearts of Chinese people. < / P > < p > followed by oppo, the most representative model in the first half of this year was oppo find In the eyes of Xiaobian, the X2 series mobile phone does not have too many short boards. It is only relatively weak in terms of service life. Other configurations can crush the flagship phones of many “friends”, including the best Samsung 2K display, 120 Hz refresh rate, snapdragon 865 and super bottom rear sensor. The machine is not hot, and it is estimated that the product strength is insufficient Good performance in sinking market! < / P > < p > let’s talk about Xiaomi. Personally, I have to admit that Xiaomi’s mobile phone configuration is very conscientious. Xiaomi’s sales concept is ultra-high cost performance, so there are not many models over $600. The most representative model is Xiaomi 10 series mobile phones. The mobile phone configuration can be said to carry all the components in the flagship mobile phone, what X-axis linear motor, stereo speaker, NFC, infrared, wireless charging, reverse charging and other functions are all available! However, in the eyes of many consumers, millet must be easy to use and cheap. So it’s hard to break through the price of more than 5000. Its red rice mobile phone is like a duck in the water in the market of thousand yuan mobile phone and middle end mobile phone. < / P > < p > the reason is that there is no core technology of its own, and many netizens tease it as a “mobile phone assembly factory”. In fact, the internal components of Huawei’s mobile phones are not all made in our own homes. For example, the screen and camera modules are purchased. However, Huawei has its own core technology, namely, the Hisilicon processor, and in the future, the Hongmeng operating system. And Kirin chips have also been recognized by consumers. I don’t want to be patriotic if I buy Huawei. However, there is a saying that is very correct: “no matter how good foreign weapons are, they are also used to attack you. No matter how bad our equipment is, they are also used to protect us.”. What’s more, our processors are no worse than those abroad, aren’t they? < / P > < p > in the above introduction, Xiaobian is not to praise Huawei and belittle other mobile phones, but other manufacturers are still in the stage of Huawei moving towards high-end mobile phones, and the products still lack some core competitiveness, so they need to improve the brand value. So Mo Jia’s words are reasonable, but in the future, with Huawei’s chips drying up, its market share will be shared by other competitors. It is not known who will win in the next 10 years! 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