Apple announced today that it will never again

The contract is due to expire next year. I wonder if cook will continue to be CEO of apple? Can we see him at the press conference?

and today, there is news that Phil Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of global marketing, will also retire from apple?

Schiller’s new position is apple fellow. At present, there is no official Chinese translation, but “fellow” can probably be translated into “academician” and “researcher”.

but cook also said today that although Schiller is no longer responsible for Apple’s marketing work, he will continue to be responsible for Apple events, that is, Apple’s press conference.

“as long as I have me, I will continue to work here. I will bleed in six colors, but I also want to make time for my family, friends and some personal projects that I care deeply about in the next few years.”

this translates to “I’m an apple person”. Because Apple’s logo used to be rainbow colored, it has been used as a metaphor by many old employees.

in the past few years, Schiller served as the vice president of marketing, and many wonderful Apple advertisements were made by him. Even this year, Apple’s first online WWDC was planned and implemented by him, but this does not mean that he only does marketing.

just like the round home button is the soul of iPhone, to say which part of the iPod design is the most representative, it must be click wheel.

so when the apple team designed the iPod, Schiller put forward his own idea. He hoped that even when he was jogging, he could switch quickly with one hand operation.

maybe when we talk about iPods now, many people will only remember the surprise of jobs every time he releases new iPods, but behind the design of iPod soul, Schiller’s idea is indispensable.

today’s news doesn’t mean that Schiller will continue to be in charge of Apple’s press conference. In fact, Schiller’s speech ability is almost “forced” by jobs.

in June of that year, jobs missed the launch of his new iPhone for the first time, but on such an important occasion, jobs gave it to Schiller.

but Schiller started from being serious and stereotyped, to more and more smiles, and now like a child, he is very happy to show you new products.

after seeing all his achievements, Ji Ge would like to give you some cold knowledge: Although Schiller seems to be a technical residence, he himself went to university and obtained a degree in biology.

after jobs answered, Schiller’s first sentence was: I want to be the first call.

although the debate on whether to cut off the headphone interface has not stopped so far, apple airpods has indeed ushered in an era.

after so many years, Schiller announced that he was retiring from the background today, and I can’t help feeling that some of the strong generals left from the era of jobs have already left, and some will soon retire. gather and watch! Huawei P40 Pro evaluation: excellent mobile phone photography elegant design, do you like it?

Author: zmhuaxia