Apple buys a lot of folding mobile phone screens. Is folding mobile phone coming?

Recently, it was reported that Apple asked Samsung display company to provide a large number of samples of foldable mobile phone screens, and hoped to obtain an exclusive supply contract for one year. All this seems to indicate that Apple has a strong interest in the folding screen market. Considering the exposure of a number of related folding screen patents, some netizens speculate that Apple has made all the preparations, ready to enter the formal finalization and mass production stage. < / P > < p > this news was first given by the microblog user @ I Bing universe. As a famous digital blogger, the accuracy of the previous disclosure is quite high, and the credibility is very good. Moreover, as the world’s largest folding screen manufacturer and Apple’s largest screen supplier, if Apple wants to test the folding screen mobile phone, then it is inevitable to find Samsung to cooperate. In addition, Samsung has been hoping to promote folding screen mobile phones and increase the output of flexible folding screens to 10 million each year. Therefore, the mobile phone manufacturers seeking cooperation have given favorable conditions. In addition, it is reported that Apple has obtained a batch of samples of folding screen as early as last year. After testing the samples, Apple has developed a strong interest in the foldable mobile phone and has included it in the official product list. It is expected that the iPhone with folding screen will be released as soon as next year. In addition, it is reported that LG is also interested in this market and will launch a batch of folding screens in the near future. As another traditional screen supplier of apple, LG’s admission can basically confirm that Apple’s ideas on this market have been put into practice. New product launch