Apple cancelled charger ridiculed by friends: 30% of netizens said it was acceptable

Presumably, compared with previous iPhones, one of the most discussed topics of the new iPhone 12 is that it no longer comes with chargers and headphones. As for Apple’s practice, I don’t know whether other mobile phone manufacturers will follow suit. Make complaints about the charger and headset, but

has become a reality, according to foreign media reports. To this end, some media have investigated the practice of other brands without additional chargers. < / P > < p > according to apple, it is “environmentally friendly” to no longer provide chargers and earphones, and giving up accessories can make the packaging of products smaller, and the number of products that can be transported each time will be correspondingly increased, so that the overall number of shipping will be reduced. However, it seems that friends do not agree with this statement. Samsung has made a blunt joke on Apple’s practice, saying that Apple’s practice is to reduce costs. The Galaxy series will still provide from the most basic charger to the best camera, battery, performance, memory and even a 120Hz screen. < / P > < p > in addition, Xiaomi’s official U.S. social account has posted news on the Internet, saying that there is no need to worry about it, and nothing related to Xiaomi’s 10t Pro will be left behind. The picture is also a picture of the charger, the intention is very obvious. < / P > < p > the newly released mobile phone is equipped with 65W charger as standard. On its social platform, Yijia said that the new mobile phone will let users “have everything out of the box”, and the diagram also highlights the charging head. Make complaints about

, but it is worth mentioning that Apple’s previous design of the camera, the cancellation of headset jack, the profiled full screen design were all Tucao, but eventually many manufacturers followed suit. < / P > < p > although most people don’t agree with Apple’s practice of cancelling chargers, a survey on whether Samsung will cancel chargers shows that 69.1% of netizens think Samsung will cancel the attached chargers in the future, but 30.9% of netizens think it is acceptable. < / P > < p > at present, it is not known whether Samsung will cancel the charger. However, although the previously launched Galaxy S20 ultra is equipped with a 25W charger as standard, it needs to be purchased separately if it wants to use 45W flash charging. It is not known whether it will be used in the future. Science Discovery