Apple car system Carplay supports Google Maps application, which can provide directional navigation information

Many years ago, Apple’s map app was the mainstream navigation option for Apple devices. Google is obviously not ready to give up its growing wearable market or car business to its main competitor, apple. On August 10 local time, Google announced that the IOS version of Google maps can be added to the apple watch app to support the Carplay dashboard mode of Apple’s car system. < / P > < p > the Google map on Apple watch seems to be a simplified version of the iPhone app, providing users with progressive directions and estimated time of arrival, but only for destinations that have been stored in the app or shared from connected iPhones. Users can save a list of destinations, lead the direction of advance from the current location, or start navigation on the phone. When the user is walking, riding or driving, a simple icon, distance and street name will be displayed, as well as public transport support information. < / P > < p > in addition to displaying full-color maps, the apple watch app also includes voice recognition, handwriting input, list access, and a variety of interest point categories, which can help users navigate when they are not using a mobile phone. It is not clear whether Google will actively add more features to the apple watch app. Google Maps for wear operating system also includes voice input and map browsing functions. < / P > < p > in front of Carplay, the iPhone version of Google maps can work in dashboard mode, the dashboard screen will be separated, the mobile map will appear on the left, the navigation information will appear on the top right, and music, podcasts, audio books and calendar reservation details will appear at the bottom right. Carplay dashboard has been opened to third-party developers of IOS 13.4. Although Google maps is not the first application to take advantage of this feature, Google has supported Carplay with full screen map mode since 2018. < / P > < p > all cars equipped with Carplay can use Google Maps’ Carplay dashboard mode, and apple watch app will be launched globally in the next few weeks. Both are available from Google maps in the IOS app store. Science Discovery