Apple CEO cook’s 10-year contract will expire, with an annual salary of over 900 million. He once wanted to donate liver for jobs

As we all know, the reason why Apple’s iPhone can stand out in the mobile phone industry and become a product that attracts users in the era of smart phones is largely due to its “boutique line”. When jobs first appeared on the market with the iPhone 4, he adhered to the concept of only one iPhone a year and added new members to the iPhone family year by year. < p > < p > this kind of slow, well done, and pursuit of the ultimate product experience runs counter to the new Apple CEO cook, who has been in office for nine years. For example, one of Cook’s products this year, the 5g iPhone 12 series, has four models. Regardless of the fact that Steve Jobs was in a very different market from Cook’s, the two CEO’s routes are also very different in concept. So why did jobs choose cook as his successor? < p > < p > in 1997, jobs returned to apple, which was on the verge of bankruptcy. The next year, cook was recruited to take charge of supply chain management. Having worked with jobs for many years, cook understood his temper very well. As a result, when Steve Jobs left his job temporarily due to cancer, cook operated the company dutifully, and always deliberately kept himself out of public view, leaving the stage for jobs. < p > < p > when jobs returns from sick leave, cook will consciously return to his original post; when jobs needs creativity and opinions, cook can timely express his unique opinions. < / P > < p > don’t rob jobs of the limelight. When it’s time to support and when to give advice, it’s hard for such a low-key and conscientious employee not to win the trust of the leader. In addition, when it was learned that jobs needed a liver transplant for cancer, cook planned to donate part of his liver to jobs after medical examination, but this idea was severely rejected by jobs. As a creative genius, jobs is undoubtedly an extremely conceited person. He is critical and critical of products, people and things. Even the highly praised Bill Gates, jobs dares to evaluate his lack of imagination and will only steal other people’s ideas to produce some third rate products. But for cook, jobs would publicly praise him at the meeting: Tim Cook is the best employee I’ve recruited! Even when jobs had to leave apple because of cancer, jobs did not hesitate to hand over management to cook. For jobs, cook has worked with him for more than ten years, and he is a trustworthy, business operation and management capable partner. For cook, being able to work with creative talent was a lifetime blessing. < / P > < p > one can innovate and the other can manage. They have made apple a success of each other. Now, nine years after the death of Apple founder Steve Jobs, cook’s 10-year CEO contract is about to expire. Will cook, 59, renew his contract? There is no denying that jobs has a good eye for picking people. During his nine years in office, cook has brought Apple good revenue and many amazing products. For example, the global sales record of smart phones is the iPhone 6 series produced by cook during his tenure. Apple’s market value has also skyrocketed six times from its initial $300 billion to $1.7 trillion. As CEO of apple, cook’s annual salary will naturally increase. < / P > < p > in the US CEO annual salary list released in 2019, cook’s annual salary is more than $133 million, ranking second only to Tesla’s CEO musk, whose annual salary is $600 million. Today, cook’s 10-year contract is about to expire. According to foreign media, apple is now stepping up its efforts to train successors to Apple executives, including cook. However, cook, 59, seems to have no plans to retire in the near future, so Apple may be committed to cultivating younger leaders to replace cook. < p > < p > with the gradual saturation of the smartphone market, mobile phone manufacturers are under more and more pressure. If Apple mobile phone has absolute appeal in the market in the past few years, with the rise of Samsung, Huawei and other mobile phone brands in recent years, the market and advantages of Apple Mobile phone are not as good as before. < p > < p > even though Huawei has been suppressed by the United States in the past two years and temporarily lost its luster, it will make a comeback. The increasingly competitive smartphone market, as well as Apple’s declining innovation power year by year, will make Apple’s new batch of successors feel more pressure. However, no matter whether Apple’s future development is going downhill or continuing to innovate and progress, there will be many people who want to be the next cook! Do you think cook is Steve Jobs’s best successor? Privacy Policy