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1. The price of the iPhone 11 64GB model shown is the discount price of the iPhone 8plus 64GB model. The price of the iPhone 64GB model shown is the discount price of the iPhone 8 64GB model. The installment amount shown above is only an example of an interest free installment with a specific number of periods after the discount purchase (only the integer amount is shown, and the amount after the decimal point is not shown), and the actual payment amount is subject to the bank or bill of payment. Up to 24 interest free installments can be enjoyed. The number and minimum amount of interest free installments available at Apple store retail stores and online stores may be different. The number and minimum amount of interest free installments offered by banks and Huabei may be different. The new purchase price of the discount service can only be used for a limited period of time, and is required to be used for the purchase of the new iPhone, subject to the restrictions. The actual amount of discount depends on the condition, configuration, year of manufacture, and country or region of sale. The bank or Huabei may require that your available credit limit is greater than the total amount of the product purchased before you can use the installment service. For the application and use of credit card or installment service, please contact the bank or Huabei. Apple does not promise or guarantee this. Apple’s discount purchase service is jointly launched by apple and Apple’s discount service partners. Only those over 18 years old can enjoy this discount service. In store discount purchases require the production of a valid government issued identity document with a photo (this information may be required by local law). Other terms and conditions of apple or apple discount service partner may be required. This discount cannot be used in conjunction with other apple offers or discounts. For more information on interest free installment payment, please click here.

2. After the free trial period, RMB 10 will be charged per month. No contract is required. When the probation period is over, the membership scheme will be automatically renewed monthly until the subscription is cancelled.

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