Apple finally decided to cut off the configuration of the iPhone 12, a long sigh of relief for domestic mobile phones!

Many people choose apple’s iPhone over Android, and one of the most important reasons is that iPhone is much better than Android in terms of fluency. Even without considering the price, the fluency of the high-end flagship Android phone may not be as smooth as an entry-level iPhone. The reason why the iPhone is so smooth is that Apple has given it a very strong ability to integrate

software and hardware. The self-developed A-Series processor is combined with the self-developed IOS operating system, and strict control of third-party applications. The iPhone can’t work without fluency. Of course, Android phones can reach today with 11 system versions

, which is not vegetarian. Besides software optimization, open Android can also adapt to the hardware of major manufacturers. Since the end of last year, Android phones have greatly improved the fluency with a new function. I believe that this function does not need to be said by xiaozhiduo. Everyone can guess it at the first time. Yes, it is a high refresh rate screen.

from 90hz last year to the highest 144hz now, Android phones greatly improve the fluency with its powerful hardware and high refresh rate screen. This fluency is reflected in the overall operation

has a great advantage over the iPhone’s 60Hz screen. Although it is not completely exploded, many people say that they are used to using high frame rate screen and then returning to the iPhone is not suitable Yes. This is a red flag for apple, which, according to previous supply chain sources, has considered a 120Hz high screen swipe on the iPhone 12 series.

but in the final test, I still gave up. The specific reason is unknown, but there should be two points. The first is that the power consumption is too high. The battery of the whole series of iphone12 is much smaller than that of Android phones. It can not hold the high screen swipe of 120Hz, and the battery life is diabetes insipidus.

the second is that the cost is too high. The screen of iPhone has always been the top level, and the cost itself is high. However, apple still wants to push down the price of the iPhone 12 series and follow the cost performance strategy. However, with the 120Hz refresh, the cost will rise again, and the price will be hard to keep down. But anyway, the iPhone 12 series is definitely not high screen swipe.

all domestic mobile phones should be happy to laugh, because this is definitely a first-class good news, which means that the competitiveness of the iPhone 12 is much less!

Author: zmhuaxia