Apple finally failed, Huawei won the first place in sales, and Chinese consumers are Huawei’s strong backing

In recent years, the strong rise of domestic mobile phone brands has made the global market look sideways. Among them, the four domestic giants of “huami ov” not only marginalize Samsung in China’s mobile phone market and share the market lost by apple, but also press Samsung and apple step by step in the global mobile phone market. < p > < p > as the leader of domestic mobile phone brands, Huawei, relying on its outstanding sales performance and increasing influence, has successively overtaken Huawei and Samsung to become the first in the world. However, although Huawei can compete with giants Samsung and apple on the overall sales performance, it does not have an advantage in the high-end mobile phone market, even though Huawei has been benchmarking with apple for a long time, it is constantly impacting the high-end market. < p > < p > from the global high-end mobile phone market share ranking released by counterpoint in the first quarter of 2019, it can be seen that Huawei accounts for only 16%, while Samsung accounts for 25%, and apple ranks first with 47%. < / P > < p > even in China’s high-end mobile phone market, apple still ranks first with obvious advantages. However, in the first half of 2020, apple finally failed, and Huawei, which was struggling to catch up with apple, successfully won the first place in sales. < / P > < p > according to IDC’s market share chart of smart phones in China in the first half of 2020 at prices above $600, apple accounted for 44%, while Huawei narrowly beat Apple by 0.1%, becoming the synonym of high-end mobile phones. < p > < p > since the news that Huawei was suppressed by the United States came to light, Chinese consumers have been very angry about this. After the United States further strengthened its control in 2020, domestic consumers are even more worried about Huawei. In order to support Huawei, many netizens have spontaneously purchased Huawei equipment to support this national enterprise. < p > < p > as we all know, the brand of Apple has a deep impact on the Chinese market. Many consumers with insufficient budget will pay attention to Apple’s new products every year unconsciously. Apple’s brand influence is undeniable. < / P > < p > but it is in this situation that more and more consumers give up Apple’s determination to choose Huawei, which is more precious. It can be seen that even if Huawei is blocked frequently overseas, Chinese consumers are still Huawei’s strong backing. < / P > < p > thanks to Huawei’s technology research and development over the years, Huawei’s mobile phone’s comprehensive strength has been continuously enhanced. Although it is not as good as the iPhone in some aspects, it also has many advantages and highlights that iPhone or Samsung’s high-end flagship can’t compare with. Moreover, the performance price ratio of Huawei’s flagship is not low. Counterpoint announced top 5 best selling models: domestic iPhone 11 tops the list