Apple: Fortress night can be re launched after removing the built-in payment system

Previously, Apple was sued after being removed from the shelves for violating the “anti-monopoly law”. There is now a new development in this matter. At a recent hearing, a California district judge ruled in favor of apple that games with built-in payment systems cannot be restored to the app store. Justice Gonzalez Rogers said that some of the functions known by Epic Games violate the Apple App store’s service agreement, but still violate the agreement, causing losses to itself. However, the judge ruled that Apple should not retaliate against the developer account of the virtual engine for the action of Epic Games. < p > < p > the virtual engine is a very popular software for developers of epic, and it is also the basis for game development. Before that, apple threatened to disable all developer accounts of epic. If Apple completely removes epic from Apple’s Developer program, epic will not be able to update the virtual engine on IOS or Mac, which will affect any developers who use the software. < / P > < p > Apple is ready to welcome back to the IOS platform if Epic Games decides to return to its original state, according to a statement from apple. “Our top priority is to ensure that app store users get a good experience in a secure and trusted environment, including iPhone users who play,” Apple said < p > < p > related report: apple and Google have been taken off the shelves one after another because it bypasses the platform and takes off the shelves permanently. The price of iPhones with it has been “Crazy” rising= target=_ blank>Continue ReadingAmerican companies begin to give up R & D: who should pay for corporate research?