Apple glass may provide more accurate 3D stereo effects

Apple’s ar head display device may provide realistic sound effects by accurately reproducing sound to match the source of sound in 3D space. The current game and virtual reality systems provide a certain degree of audio feedback, so as to better match the visual effect to enhance the sense of immersion.

in the augmented reality world, when the user interacts with a digital object on top of the real world scene, it can also be enhanced through audio effects. On Tuesday, apple won a patent entitled “head related transfer function selection for binaural sound reproduction”, which Apple believes will make virtual 3D sound positioning better by having what it calls head related transfer.

each HRTF is adjusted according to certain factors to match the differences in spatial auditory expectations between people. Although it is difficult to prepare an accurate HRTF for a specific user in the consumer market, Apple may create a generic “typical” HRTF, or choose one that is closest to the user’s needs.

HRTF is used as part of the binaural analog digital signal processing algorithm to reproduce the recording as binaural sound, which is then played through headphones. The central idea of the patent is to select the HRTF closest to the needs by reducing the database to a selected number. Pruning can include taking away options that are far away from the user’s basic characteristics, such as height, gender, race, and age.

in order to provide more help to the system, it is suggested that the audio device can be used for the user’s binaural measurement. If the device is used by only one user, only one measurement is needed, but it will provide potentially additional information about which HRTF is the best. The system will search for the best match to the audience’s HRTF, rather than tailor it to their sense of hearing.

Author: zmhuaxia