Apple has more than iphone12, mobile phone market may be “shuffled”

This year, as the outbreak stage of 5g mobile phone industry, major manufacturers have begun to launch 5g mobile phones. At present, mobile phone manufacturers such as millet, HUAWEI and Samsung have already released the flagship of 5G, but no one ever thought of that, Apple’s mobile phone that was released in the 5G tide this year, let consumers make complaints about it for a time. Of course, apple is apple after all, and the emergence of se2 has won apple a lot of revenue and share. < / P > < p > and the news about the iPhone 12 has also been exposed frequently recently. After all, Apple’s first 5g flagship has been waiting for a long time. But at the same time, in addition to the iPhone 12 series, Apple’s other iPhone also appeared, this phone is the iPhone plus released before. < / P > < p > the recently exposed iPhone plus does not use the iPhone 8 plus model as previously mentioned, but adopts a new design scheme. According to the information disclosed so far, the iPhone plus is expected to be released early next year with a “little Bang” design. However, there is no face ID technology in the “little bangs”, and the unlocking mode has changed from face recognition to side fingerprint scheme. < / P > < p > and most importantly, the se plus will support 5g networks with A14 chips. From the current information, it is not difficult to see that the cost of this plus version will be further reduced. After all, there is no face ID technology. And the SE version is still going, so the price will also be reduced. It will not start at the price of 5000 as the digital version. This is good news for many “fruit fans”. < p > < p > obviously, cook has tasted the sweetness of cost performance. From XR to 11 and then to this year’s se, the domestic market has given a good response, and at the same time, it has recovered the disadvantage of Apple’s sales decline. So I think Apple will launch mid end cost-effective models almost every year in order to ensure its market share and expand revenue. < p > < p > Apple’s move is undoubtedly bad news for domestic mobile phone manufacturers. After all, with Apple’s IOS system and A-Series chips, plus Apple’s brand effect, it will undoubtedly set off a boom in the market. This year, the price of domestic 5g mobile phones has also risen. So in terms of price, the advantages of domestic mobile phones are gradually reducing. There is no doubt that Apple’s product strategy is ushering in a “shuffle” in the mobile phone market. < / P > < p > If se plus is of this specification, it means that apple is once again “making a move” in the middle end market, and the life of domestic manufacturers is becoming more and more difficult. We have to face the competition of other friends and the attack of apple, so the future development is also full of difficulties. < / P > < p > Apple, once proud, has given up its posture. Now cook is in the last year of Apple’s contract, and it is not known whether the contract can be renewed in the future. Objectively speaking, cook’s innovation in apple in recent years is not as good as before, but it is undeniable that cook has made apple’s market value the first, so it can be regarded as a direct proof of Cook’s ability. After all, companies are mainly to make money, and cook is also Apple’s chief contributor. 865 optimization is different? These mobile phones should teach you a lesson!