Apple has one less rival! Android “benchmark” abandons itself with high price and low configuration!

Google launched the pixel series of machines to fight against apple and Samsung’s flagship phones, so the series of machines itself is running for high-end flagship phones. Although the price of pixel 5 this year is $699, compared with last year’s pixel On the contrary, the price of this generation of machines is somewhat “cheap”, and many American consumers even think that the price is “reasonable”. < / P > < p > pixel 5 this machine is at most a mid-range machine in China. The snapdragon 765G chip is hard to sustain the selling point of high-end mobile phones. The 18W charging technology and fingerprint identification design on the back are still the same configuration of last year’s 1000 yuan mobile phones. However, compared with the 1000 yuan mobile phones on the market, pixel is still the same as the 1000 yuan mobile phones on the market 5 is still bold to use a dual lens module, the main camera is still 12.2 million pixels, with a 16 million pixel ultra wide angle lens. < p > < p > the performance of snapdragon 765G chip on domestic mobile phones is not very good. Smart phones equipped with this chip do not have good fluency. After all, there are relatively many “rogue software” in China, and wake-up and self starting problems are also serious; and American consumers generally use Google Most of the popular software on play is owned by Google. Google’s software still follows the development standards. < p > < p > interestingly, a flagship phone with snapdragon 865 chip can be purchased in the United States for $699. Samsung released a new flagship phone, the galaxy S20, a few days ago Fe, which starts at $699 in the United States, is equipped with a snapdragon 865 chip, a 12 megapixel triphoto lens module and a 120Hz Samsung OLED screen. < / P > < p > if Google pixel 5 change a chip, even if it is the snapdragon 865 chip uniformly “distributed” by Qualcomm in the first half of the year, it can also become a high-end flagship phone with less obvious short board; on the one hand, with the support of the original Android system, the snapdragon 865 chip will have a very smooth experience; on the other hand, Google’s camera algorithm is powerful, and the photo experience may be surprising. < / P > < p > taking photos is the obsession of many consumers for pixel series. Google once beat many flagship phones with high pixel lens in pixel 3 era by virtue of imx363, an old flagship lens with good comprehensive strength. However, by 2020, when mobile phone manufacturers generally adopt large bottoms and large pixels on their flagship phones, Google’s imx363 will be the best choice CMOS seems to be lagging behind. < / P > < p > but pixel 5 is not without advantages. The display screen of this machine is only 6.0 inches, which supports 90hz refresh rate. With the support of the original Android system, the smoothness is guaranteed. The weight of the machine is only 151g, which is one of the thinnest 5g mobile phones. Even under such a light and thin fuselage, Google also adds a 408mah battery, which guarantees the battery life. < / P > < p > as the “benchmark” product of the Android camp, pixel 5 seems to be a bit self abandoning. Such a $699 Android flagship phone only uses a low-end 5g chip, and the camera module is also many years ago. When facing the iPhone 12 series of machines, otaku thinks that the chance of winning is very low, and apple has lost a strong opponent this year. Continue ReadingASMC, a lithography maker, was one of TSMC’s 14 top suppliers last year