Apple ignored the White House warning and made a decision to continue to cooperate with China

China is a country with a large population in the world. If Chinese people use any products, they will form a huge consumption market. Apple mobile phones in the United States are also popular in China, creating a record of mobile phone sales. However, this situation has not been maintained for a long time. Huawei mobile phones in China rely on its own technology to rapidly expand its market share. The United States has been cracking down on Huawei mobile phones, refusing to provide parts and banning the supply of chips. < p > < p > according to the global network, people are very concerned about which mobile phones can use the Beidou system at a press conference recently. A Beidou spokesman answered the question and said that Apple’s 12 mobile phone will be compatible with Beidou system. Apple’s move has shown that they are not willing to give up the Chinese market. The United States has adopted a policy of boycotting China and suppressing Huawei. Apple’s move has also brought shame to the US government. At least they didn’t listen to domestic companies. In addition, the U.S. government can’t control the choices of some companies. After all, the Chinese market has huge profits. The U.S. government banned U.S. companies from trading with wechat software, while Apple strongly opposed it. According to the news released by the “Wall Street Journal” a few days ago, more than 10 multinational companies and the U.S. government, including apple, have expressed their opposition to the US government’s “wechat ban”. These enterprises think that the US practice has made them lose their competitiveness. Science Discovery