Apple IOS 14 iPad 14 developer preview beta 5 update released

It House news on August 19 that apple today pushed the latest beta 5 update of IOS 14 / iPad OS 14 developer preview version, with the version number of 18a5351d, mainly for bug repair and stability improvement. Apple has launched a new round of IOS / iPad OS system testing, which can be discussed by it home users. < p > < p > IOS 14 beta 5 is open to developers through OTA updates. To install the update, just go to the settings app, select general, and then select software update. If you don’t see IOS 14 beta 5 available for download immediately, please continue to check, as updates are still being pushed in batches. < / P > < p > two weeks ago, IOS 14 beta 4 provided new Apple TV widget, search improvement, 3D touch repair and regression, and added exposure notification API to help track the epidemic situation. < / P > < p > after installing the correct developer profile, IOS 14 or ipados 14 can be downloaded from Apple Developer Center or via OTA push. Developed a “plug and play” solar power generation scheme, and “5B” won a $12 million round a financing