Apple iPhone 11 (4gb64gb Netcom)

In a word, automatic update should be set in the software update settings to automatically update. The system will update silently when you do not use the mobile phone at night. … [detailed]

is it strange that the full range of iPhone 11 has not yet come into the market and is already cheap. According to the latest reports of foreign media, Apple has made preparations for the sale of the new generation of iPhone which will be officially launched on September 20. But will the Chinese… [detailed]

iPhone 11 really smell good? Let’s talk about the advantages of the iPhone 11: 1. Waterproof, also means the precision of the process; 2. Aluminum alloy, quality… [detailed]

even though there are many slot points, compared with the previous generation, the price drop of 1000 yuan makes the iPhone 11 become another true fragrance machine.

Apple mobile phone is very cool to use, but 64g is still not enough. 256g can be put in place in one step. It has been used for two or three years. What kind of iPhone will be expected in three years!

the overall performance has been greatly upgraded. But the screen, black edge, thickness, weight, big black bangs and other things visible to the naked eye did not update, greatly disappointed.

Author: zmhuaxia