Apple iPhone 12 release time exposure, fruit powder to save money!

When Apple will release this year’s new iPhone is bound to be the focus of attention. Recently, it has been reported overseas that Apple will hold two consecutive press conferences this year due to the large number of new products. If the epidemic relief can hold a physical conference, Apple’s ar glasses, which have been developed for a long time, are also expected to make a big debut.

the informant didn’t give too much additional information about the specifications of new products. However, based on previous Apple press conferences and recent industry rumors, this statement seems to have some credibility. Because Apple often chooses to launch a new Apple watch watch at the same time as a new iPhone is released. Especially at Apple’s 2018 launch, the protagonist of the show is the third generation iPad pro, which is the same as this source.

it is worth mentioning that in addition to the first iPhone 12 series that supports 5g, Apple announced its apple silicon MAC plan in wwdc20, that is, to use ARM processor instead of Intel processor, which is also the focus of the industry. In June, Apple announced that computers using apple silicon would be available by the end of this year. If it is released in October, it seems reasonable not to compete with the new iPhone.

as early as 2017, the airpower wireless charger, which was released simultaneously with the iPhone x, was later abandoned due to the challenge that it was difficult to overcome in R & D. However, this year, it is reported that Apple intends to continue to challenge, and if it can be released at the same time as the iPhone 12 series, it will also become a topic of concern. Overall, this autumn’s new Apple products can be said to be a bright spot. Want to start fruit powder, now to quickly start saving money.

Author: zmhuaxia