Apple is going to roll over? Operators may not support 5g network. Cook is playing big this time

As mobile phones enter the 5g era, Apple’s latest iPhone 12 has caught up with the trend, announcing that it supports 5g networks, and that users can choose 4G or 5g according to their needs, China reported. This has become a new selling point for Apple phones. But when users get the new apple machine, they find that the operators in use may not support 5g network. Is apple going to roll over? Many people said that Apple’s 5g function is not as powerful as in the publicity, and its actual use is subject to many restrictions. If they can’t explain the problem, many users may no longer trust apple. < / P > < p > Apple’s press conference looks exciting, and many people place orders as soon as their minds are hot. However, when the new phone arrives, many people are disappointed. One of the hot topics is Apple’s 5g network. The iPhone 12’s support for 5g networks is seen as an innovation and a change Apple has made to pursue the market. In the publicity, apple said that users can freely switch between 4G and 5g networks, and there are three modes to choose from. One of the most intelligent is that the mobile phone system decides whether to turn on 5g or not. In the first mock exam mode, the 5G will automatically open when the user needs the network. It will provide users with better Internet experience. If the network is not used, the 5G will be shut down to save power. The 5G will automatically switch on. < / P > < p > this mode sounds very exciting, but it is very different from propaganda when it is actually used. After testing Apple’s 5g function, some operators found a hidden fact that their 5g can’t be used anytime, anywhere. In dual card mode, Apple’s 5g function can’t be used at all. Although the mobile phone has shown that it is in 5g state, the network speed is still 4G, and there is no significant improvement at all. Obviously, Apple has cheated customers on this issue. Although it is called 5g mobile phone, it only supports 5g under certain conditions. < / P > < p > the operator who conducted the test explained the cause of the problem, which is a design problem, not a signal problem. Apple’s 5g data is not compatible with the ESIM on the mobile phone, which makes users can’t enjoy the network speed even if they turn on 5g. Many users are disappointed by this. They wanted to try what a real 5g phone looks like, but they didn’t expect that the mobile phone they got was a fake 5g, and apple didn’t point out this problem when it sold it. Some data enthusiasts said that in the follow-up use, I don’t know if Apple will improve this problem. If they don’t make any remedy, they may lose some customers. < / P > < p > in fact, Apple’s appeal to consumers has declined in recent years, especially for this generation of iPhones. Although the first batch of iPhones have been sold out, the data is not convincing, because Apple has a group of loyal fans, but only relying on these fans can not support the whole apple’s profits. Apple needs to attract more consumers. Other consumers will accept the mobile phone, the key is whether the follow-up sales data is awesome. Make complaints about the new apple machine. It’s not a charger and headset. Apple’s reason is that the box will be smaller after the two accessories are removed. However, the majority of people do not accept this statement. They think that Apple wants to make more money, so it does not hesitate to harm the interests of users, which makes many people unhappy. The reason given by Apple does not hold water. If the company pursues environmental protection, it can adopt other ways. Why kidnap customers? The vast majority of customers want chargers and headphones. After all, in actual use, these two things are used very frequently, but now customers have to buy their mobile phones and then buy these accessories. All in all, Apple needs to reflect on its own problems, otherwise it will lose more customers. Older posts →