Apple is in a dilemma, iPhone 12 again came news, “fruit powder” difficult to accept

With the gradual upgrading of communication technology to 5g, major manufacturers have begun to release 5g mobile phones in order to comply with the trend. Huawei, Samsung, Xiaomi and ov have already launched 5g flagship products. Even in the second half of last year, some manufacturers have started to launch 5g mobile phones, which is enough to show the impact of 5g on the mobile phone market. But there is one exception among many manufacturers, which is apple. < / P > < p > Apple is the only manufacturer in the market that has not yet launched 5g flagship, because last year’s iPhone 11 gave up Intel’s “crane tail” baseband, on the other hand, it failed to catch up with the last bus of Qualcomm baseband, so iPhone 11 had to choose 4G baseband. Apple’s practice make complaints about many users, after all, it was in the late 2019, and the flagship of 5G is not a bit of a.

. Now, Apple has released iPhone11 mobile phone for a year, and iPhone12 is about to release. However, there are some exceptions this year. Apple didn’t have a shadow about the iPhone 12 at its autumn conference this year, so Apple’s first 5g mobile phone has become more attractive, and news about the iPhone 12 has begun to be exposed and appeared frequently. < / P > < p > this year’s iPhone 12 is sure to have 5g baseband. The appearance design of the iPhone 12 is similar to that of the iPhone 4, and it is still the “bangs” design before. Finally, the chip is still Apple’s A14 chip, but the battery capacity is only about 2200mAh. However, this situation makes people worry about the iPhone 12’s battery life. After all, A14 is also a performance monster. Can this 2200mAh battery really withstand? Recently, there is another news from iPhone 12. According to foreign digital bloggers, this year’s iPhone 12 is known as iphone12 Mini. In order to ensure the endurance of this entry-level iPhone 12, the processor will be changed, that is to say, the “residual blood version” A14 chip will be adopted. < / P > < p > what is “residual blood version” chip? Nothing more than lock frequency or reduce frequency, in order to reduce the chip power consumption, so as to ensure the mobile phone’s life. The emergence of this news makes many “fruit powder” unexpected, have said it is difficult to accept. After all, no matter how to say, the current exposure price of the iPhone 12 Mini will be around 5500, and the chip purchased by 5500 yuan is indeed a “residual blood” chip, which must not be comfortable in anyone’s mind, so this practice is a bit difficult to accept. However, I think it is also Apple’s last resort to do so. As the saying goes, you can’t have both fish and bear’s paws. If the iPhone 12 Mini is equipped with a full blood version of the A14 chip, the phone’s service life will be hard to withstand. So for the sake of endurance, we can only choose this method. So objectively speaking, apple is in a dilemma and has no choice but to make a decision. After all, even if A14 is castrated to “B14”, the performance of a series chips will be guaranteed. With the performance of the chip approaching the limit, Apple’s A14 has begun to “squeeze toothpaste” this year, so Apple will balance the power consumption while ensuring the release of chip performance. 865 optimization is different? These mobile phones should teach you a lesson!