Apple knife: iPhone 12 starts 64GB, 512gb emperor version doesn’t work

No surprise, Apple will release the iPhone 12 series on October 13. This time, there will be four iPhone 12 models, which is the first half of the iPhone se2. This year, there will be five new iPhone machines, and also the marine technology. The latest news shows that the lowest positioning iPhone 12 Mini may cut 5g this time, only supporting 4G, which can reduce the price of iPhone by 100 dollars compared with other models. It can start at least 649 dollars, about 4400 yuan, and the domestic price may be within 5000. In addition to the network functions, Apple will castrate another knife, that is capacity. It has been rumored that this year’s iPhone 12 is full of 128GB. However, it is optimistic, only the iPhone 12 pro and the iPhone 12 Pro max series will. Counterpoint announced top 5 best selling models: domestic iPhone 11 tops the list