Apple leaves opportunities for its friends, A14 chip performance squeeze toothpaste, but Huawei mate 40 is still difficult to win

Although many consumers have been disappointed by the “toothpaste squeeze” innovation of the iPhone over the years, due to the powerful performance of the A-Series processor and the smooth IOS system, there are still many fruit powder still not giving up the iPhone. Although the sales of Huawei mobile phones, which are compared with the iPhone, have caught up with apple, there is still a certain gap between Kirin chips and series a. However, recently, Apple has given Huawei Kirin a chance to catch up with Huawei’s Kirin chip. The performance of A14 chip is not as good as expected. At the autumn launch of new products on September 16, although the iPhone 12 was regretfully absent, the A14 bionic chip was the first to appear on the stage. This is the first chip of TSMC with 5nm process, which is better than 7Nm process in power consumption control. However, compared with the previous generation of A13 bionic chip, the upgrade range of A14 is very small. Although Apple said at the conference that the CPU performance of A14 chip was improved by 40% and GPU performance was improved by 30%, the comparison was made with A12 chip released in 2018. In fact, compared with the A13 chip, the speed is only 17%, and the running points are increased by 9%. < p > < p > on September 17, Angora gave the running score of suspected iPhone 12 Pro max, and the comprehensive score of the machine was 572000. The previous generation of iPhone 11 Pro max with A13 chip scored 524000. Obviously, Apple has begun to squeeze toothpaste in its most proud performance. However, it is reported that Kirin chips with the same 5nm technology have been upgraded greatly. < p > < p > therefore, the computing power of Kirin 9000 chip is likely to match that of A14 bionic chip. In addition, Huawei mate 40 is also very powerful in other aspects, such as adding 120Hz high-speed screen, 4500mAh battery, 66W fast charging technology, and Sony imx700 main camera with 50 million pixels, which is a flagship with balanced performance. < / P > < p > in contrast, it is reported that the iPhone 12 has not used high-speed screen, and the battery capacity has also decreased significantly, from 3110 MAH to 2227 MAH, and the upgrade range in charging and camera is also very small. Simply from the perspective of exposure configuration, the iPhone 12 is not worth buying as Huawei mate 40. < p > < p > but even so, Huawei mate40 is hard to win in terms of sales. This is mainly due to US sanctions. TSMC has been unable to manufacture chips for Huawei, and Kirin 9000 is afraid of insufficient stock. According to techweb, Huawei only has about 8.8 million Kirin 9000 chips used in mate 40, which cannot be supplemented later. < / P > < p > and digital blogger @ mobile phone chip talent revealed that Apple obtained a total of A14 bionic chips in the third quarter and the fourth quarter, which is expected to reach 80 million. The gap between the two in stock is obvious. In addition, under the cover of the US ban, Huawei, which is short of chips, is afraid to lose a large number of high-end market shares. < / P > < p > Apple and Samsung, which have always taken the high-end route, will undoubtedly quickly encroach on this part of Huawei’s market. Therefore, even if the mate40 configuration is higher than the iPhone 12, it is difficult to take advantage of the sales volume. Continue ReadingASMC, a lithography maker, was one of TSMC’s 14 top suppliers last year