Apple may launch another se device next year, but not the iPhone

With the excellent performance of iPhone, Apple has achieved great success in the smartphone market in 2020. Thus, if Apple’s products adopt “price reduction strategy”, then the impact on the market will not be underestimated.

Maybe we have tasted the sweetness of the “Se” series. Recently, according to foreign media reports, Apple will continue to launch an SE product in 2021, but not the iPhone, but applewatchse.

but like the iPhone, upgrading the configuration means cutting down on some aspects. It is reported that applewatchse will only provide 42mm dial, not support high-end functions such as ECG, and the price will remain the same as that of applewatchseries 3, which is $399.

it is not difficult to see from the two updates of iPhone se that Apple has taken the Se series as a “cost-effective” product line. And different from other product lines based on the advantages of software and application, the cost performance of Apple products labeled “Se” is mainly reflected in hardware and price. If Apple launches applewatchse successfully and expands its leading edge in the field of smart watches, will more products, such as Macs and airpods, become part of the “Se” series in the future? If so, Apple’s competitors may face more pressure, but for users, it may be good news. Yueshang group has become the third social e-commerce service platform listed in China after being gathered in pinduoduo