Apple may launch the apple watch se after the iPhone se is successfully reproduced

Earlier this year, Apple’s new iPhone se came out after a thousand calls. Despite the ridicule about changing the skin of the iPhone 8 and buying a processor to send a mobile phone, the market performance of the new iPhone se was excellent. According to the U.S. second quarter mobile phone sales report released by counterpoint research, the new iPhone se accounted for 19% of the iPhone Series sales in the current quarter, and even 26% of its users were transferred from the Android camp.

as an entry-level product, the new iPhone se is undoubtedly selling better than many people think. In the eyes of many people, it depends on Apple’s brand, processor, and IOS. However, this is also enough to prove how frightened Apple will be to its friends with a low attitude and low price strategy. I don’t know if it is affected by the success of the new iPhone se. According to the information disclosed recently, Apple may be preparing the apple watch se. It is reported that this product will be cheaper than the apple watch, and its starting price is about 1499 yuan.

according to the information disclosed this time, apple watch se will own 3 at the same price and maintaining the old design, the aluminum body may only offer a 42mm version, but it will be equipped with a new S6 processor and a new W4 wireless chip, with 16GB of storage space, Bluetooth 5.0 support, vibration feedback digital crown, and will be available in cellular network version.

if the news is true, from the product side, Apple’s “subtraction” for the apple watch se is quite similar to the new iPhone se. At the same time, the reliability style has been proved by the market at the design level, reduce the R & D cost of industrial design, use the latest watchos 6 on the operating system, and carry the latest processor to ensure the performance.

as we have said in the relevant content before, a high Apple may not scare the mobile phone manufacturers in the Android camp, because almost all consumer electronic products are still popular in nature. There is a certain difference between the two markets. In essence, the two sides do not invade the river and share the whole market together 。

However, the new iPhone se, which starts at 3299 yuan, can be said to be a brilliant move by apple. You should know that at a time when the cost of Android flagship products is rising due to 5g and other reasons, the main models of major Android mobile phone manufacturers have come to about 3500 yuan, while the new iPhone se is almost directly aligned. And we have seen the result of this market competition. With Apple’s brand, powerful A-Series processor and perfect IOS ecology, this iPhone has also made a large number of consumers “really fragrant”.

similarly, in the current smart watch market, apple watch can be said to be a leader in the field of smart watches after the early positioning of scientific and technological fashion items to the change of health ecological hub, and the most perfect watch OS ecology and the most excellent interaction design in the field of smart watches.

there has always been a saying in the intelligent wearable products industry that smart watches only have apple watch and others. According to the data released by the Swiss Watch Industry Federation, in the fourth quarter of 2017, thanks to the excellent performance of the apple watch series 3, apple watch’s shipment volume was more than that of the mainstream Swiss watch brands combined, making it the world’s largest watch manufacturer.

However, according to the latest smart watch market report released by canalys, a research organization, in the first quarter of 2020, the global smart watch shipment volume increased by 12% to 14.3 million units year-on-year, of which Apple’s smart watch shipment dropped sharply by 13% to 5.2 million units, but it still occupied a third of the market share and remained the first. Judging from this data, while the overall market of smart watch market keeps growing, apple watch is on the decline. This is obviously a strong challenge from Android manufacturers.

with the success of the new iPhone se, it is obviously reasonable for apple to use low prices to block Android products in the field of smart watches. At present, the apple watch series 5 on sale starts at 3199 yuan, while the prices of similar products such as Huawei, Xiaomi and oppo are only about 1500 yuan. We should know that smart watches are different from mobile phones. At present, there is no decisive performance gap between the products of major manufacturers, including apple. Therefore, it is not easy for consumers to pay about 100% extra for a better experience.

if the rumored Apple watch se price can reach around 1500 yuan, it may be very obvious how consumers will choose. Of course, in the eyes of some in the industry, lowering the price of the apple watch actually helps Apple expand its health business, because Apple Watch is not only an electronic consumer product, but also a device certified by the food and Drug Administration of the United States, which can achieve medical data acquisition and health management, and can record health information such as exercise, sleep, nutrition, etc.

compared with the consumer electronics industry, health care is obviously a much larger market. According to data released by Deloitte, the size of the health care market was close to 10% of global GDP as early as 2018. In the blueprint planned by apple, the direct relationship between medical personnel and consumers through iPhone and apple watch will feed back to Apple’s development ecology through the scientific research results produced by its medical research platform, researchkit, and help relevant hardware to capture relevant data more accurately, so as to effectively monitor and diagnose.

when personal health data is the core of Apple’s entry into the medical field, as a consumer electronics giant, data is undoubtedly Apple’s advantage over the traditional medical industry. In order to get as much health information as possible, a cheaper health tracking tool, apple watch se, may be imperative. Xiaomi new machine real machine exposure center dig hole screen design or high color thousand yuan machine

Author: zmhuaxia