Apple never competes, but it has achieved the first place. What kind of reliance does he have behind him?

We have to admit one thing, that is, the accumulation of technology can not be obtained overnight, and the transcendence of technology can not be realized by a word of “support” or “transcendence”. As CEO of Apple’s consumer business, cook always used the following sentence when facing all kinds of tricky media problems: Apple does not have the target task in sales volume, nor does he want to compete for the first place in any field. What Apple wants is to focus on making products. Whenever I hear cook say this, I always feel that cook is an old chicken thief. After all, no matter in the mobile phone field or in the wireless wearable field, the popularity and reputation of Apple’s products in the corresponding fields of tablet computers and PC undoubtedly prove that Apple wants to be the first, but it just doesn’t make it clear. < / P > < p > in the continuous attention and experience of Apple products, I found that I was wrong about Apple and cook. In the face of the “aircraft sea tactics” and “cost performance” and other business routines that have a great impact on the industry’s friends, Apple has not been disturbed by the outside world, but is still playing steadily according to its own operation strategy. So we can see that his products always lag behind those of his friends, but the user experience is surprisingly good. Even if the same function and quality are put on Apple’s products, they immediately show a different appearance. That’s one of the reasons why I love Apple products so much. < / P > < p > this is not my opinion, because I have collected a large number of user comments and had a deep communication with my fans. I got a general and unified feedback: Apple pays more attention to the communication with users in product creation, while user experience is far more important than sales volume. On the contrary, friends pay more attention to the maintenance in the later stage. What is post maintenance? That is, no matter whether my product is defective or unreasonable, I will sell it first and then solve the later problems slowly. Today, I also had a sudden whim. In order to judge whether netizens’ views on apple and its products are correct, I found the more popular real wireless headset recently. < / P > < p > the reason why I choose to compare with earphones is that I have to say more about it. Recently, the popularity of wireless headphones is quite high, and the reason for the high popularity is that a friend not only publicizes the posters, but also the appearance of the products is highly similar to Apple’s airpods. Of course, what we are talking about today is not who plagiarizes whom, but the two models are highly similar Like, why can airpods still firmly occupy the position of the first brother of wireless headphones when the appearance and structure are almost the same. < / P > < p > first of all, we confirm that the appearance, working principle and structure of these two earphones are highly similar, so I want to demonstrate that the differences between the two brands are fair on the basis, so we can easily find out their differences, and this difference is the magic weapon for apple airpods to win. Do you agree? So we don’t talk much nonsense, do we? Speak directly! After I fully compared the two earphones, I found that the comments of netizens were extremely correct. As we all know, Apple has been known as “the craftsman in the manufacturing industry”. All the products designed by him are made by the top echelon of the industry, and the control of its technology is unmatched by the competitors. In my comparison, I found that although the two earphones are highly similar in appearance, they are highly similar But the product details have already reflected the gap. < p > < p > small and light has always been the core competitiveness of Apple’s products, which can also reflect the manufacturers’ stringent requirements on manufacturing technology. It is no doubt a challenge to ensure not only the perfection of functions, but also the portability. Apple’s control over the workmanship can be said to be impeccable. < / P > < p > I searched the detailed parameters of the two earphones through the network. I found that apple airpods not only retains the convenience of the device, but also achieves a longer service life than its friends. This is also a kind of display of technical details. However, if you want to achieve equal service life, you can only solve this problem by increasing the battery capacity of the headset. Obviously, this is achieved by sacrificing portability. What users like to talk about more is that in addition to the technical level embodied in airpods, humanization is more fascinating. Maybe it is because of this design that the friend company designed the product in a very anti logical way. The right earphone should be placed on the left side of the storage box, while the left one should be placed on the right side of the storage box. When I got the headset for the first time, it was very difficult for me to be interested in this product because of this design. Although airpods is a little formal in design, its design is in line with the logic of ordinary people. < / P > < p > if the considerate design and excellent workmanship are not enough to make airpods a big brother in the field of wireless headphones, then the accuracy and delicacy of its operation is absolutely the biggest guarantee for airpods to become a popular model. It is close to the iPhone and automatically pops up the connection screen, which makes the airpods different from other products. Although its simple and straightforward picture doesn’t have much technical content, so far, it’s just as good as that of the third generation. Of course, this is a necessary part of handset operation, but we should know that the emergence of wireless headphones is to avoid the tedious task of listening to songs and cutting songs, so the touch operation experience on the headset is also highly valued by the majority of users. At this point, the technical details of airpods are highlighted again. < / P > < p > tap the headset twice to play music. Take off the headset and immediately pause the music. If you put on the headset again, you will start playing music again. Although this process has not been technically reflected in the hands of users, you should know that since it is wireless, the probability of interference from external factors will be greatly increased. Whether there is delay in wireless operation and whether the command is delivered accurately is the core embodiment of the technology. And in this airpods, it not only achieves, but also realizes the dual operation of dual earphones on this basis. However, the operation procedure of mobile phone still hasn’t been abandoned in the process of operation. I think the difference is very obvious, right? < / P > < p > of course, there are still a lot of product comparisons, but because of the space problem, I will not repeat them. You can also view the online evaluation videos by yourself. Now let’s go back to the previous topic. Apple’s product problems tend to be solved by technical means. I quite agree with this statement after I compare the two products. Although airpods also shows its own shortcomings in comparison with other products of its friends, in areas involving user experience, airpods and even Apple’s other products are obviously superior to the brands of its friends. I think this is the biggest reliance on which airpods can become the number one in the big field. < / P > < p > postscript: Although we only tested earphones today, and there are different brands, aren’t the products designed for the use experience? A product with good experience not only depends on technology, but also embodies the ingenuity of the design team, isn’t it? So here I really want to comment on the current friends and merchants. Everything is like apple. 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