Apple or wechat? Tencent responsible person made a statement, there is no need to worry about this

Let’s talk to you today: choose wechat or apple? Since the news that wechat will be banned in the United States came out, it has become a hot topic of discussion. Unexpectedly, the relevant person in charge of Tencent has officially come forward to say whether to choose wechat or apple.

since the US blockade of Huawei, there have been more and more conflicts between us technology enterprises and Chinese enterprises, resulting in a situation of both losses and injuries. Not only has the development of Chinese enterprises been restricted, but also the financial channels of American high-tech enterprises have been cut off. Now, the United States has not only targeted Huawei, but also started to treat China after the failure of blocking Huawei 5g technology Other technology companies have started.

just a while ago, the United States issued a ban on the international version of wechat, clearly stating that after September 20, companies and individuals in the United States can no longer use the wechat international version. This also puts users of Apple phones in a dilemma. Is it more inseparable from Apple phones or more inseparable from wechat? Tiktok,

obviously WeChat’s ban is not a joke. Before he started the international version of Tik Tok, Apple Corp had to go out on WeChat’s app on Apple store in September 20th. When Apple mobile phone users were faced with the two choice,

many people are worried about whether the Chinese market will be affected. After all, in China, wechat has become the most important communication tool, and there are not a few people who use apple. If wechat is really taken off the shelves by then, it will definitely be a difficult choice for the Chinese people, but it is certainly not us who will lose the most. Driven by patriotism, it is very difficult for us Many people will definitely give up using apple.

at that time, apple in the United States will face a further decline in sales. Apple analysts clearly pointed out that once wechat is banned on Apple mobile phones, the sales of Apple’s iPhone will plummet by more than 30%, and the iPhone 11 does not carry 5g technology, which will also lead to the sales of Apple’s flagship phones surpassing Apple’s. If wechat is really disabled, then the sales of Apple’s flagship phones will exceed Apple’s The upcoming iPhone 12 is definitely a bad signal. Although the iPhone 12 can support the Beidou navigation system and add 5g technology, it is obvious that there are still some mobile phones. At present, wechat is the most popular instant messaging software.

instead of facing the problem of Apple’s sales decline, the industrial chain in the middle and lower reaches of Apple will collapse at once. Foxconn is a typical example. It provides OEM production for Apple’s iPhone for a long time. If the orders for iPhone are gone, many people will lose their jobs.

Apple has been operating carefully in the Chinese market for more than ten years, and has successfully stood at the top of high-end smart phones, which also leads to the fact that most of Apple’s market share depends on the Chinese market. At the earliest time, there was no easy to use high-end smart phones without apple in China. With the rise of domestic mobile phone manufacturers, the Chinese market is no longer dependent on apple. At present, Huawei’s flagship phones will have more advantages than apple in terms of performance and price. Therefore, if wechat is really banned, although both sides will suffer heavy losses, there is no doubt Apple’s losses are the worst.

Luo shuohan, chief financial officer of Tencent, explained this issue. The wechat ban issued by the United States is only for the US market, and it is different from the domestic version of wechat. Although both of them are Tencent products, there are still some differences between them. So we don’t have to worry about our own apple If the mobile phone can still use wechat.

will you support Apple’s iPhone in the future? But the essence of the problem is not on Apple phones, but more about the US blockade. 865 optimization is different? These mobile phones should teach you a lesson!