Apple pays huge compensation for “spin down gate”

Oakland, California, Nov. 18 (Reuters) – Apple will pay $113 million to settle charges in 33 states and the District of Columbia, state officials said on Wednesday. The States accused apple of slowing down the iPhone to cover up battery problems and let users buy new phones. In 2016, apple quietly updated software for the iPhone 6, iPhone 7 and iPhone SE models to slow down the chip speed so that the aging batteries on these phones don’t send enough current to the phone processor, according to the report. States argued that Apple’s actions were deceptive and should have replaced batteries or disclosed problems. According to a lawsuit filed by an Arizona Court, millions of iPhone users have been cut off from movies, according to the report. “Businesses can’t be so hypocritical and secretive,” Arizona Attorney General mark brunovich said in an interview < / P > < p > according to reports, Apple also agreed to provide “real information” about iPhone power management on its website, software update notes and iPhone settings over the next three years. Arizona says Apple’s current disclosure of information and options is enough. Its settlement with the States is subject to court approval. New product launch