Apple power MagSafe, or prepare to “cut off” the lightning interface

Have you noticed that Apple makes some changes to the iPhone every few years, for example, the lightning port replaces the 30 pin connector on the iPhone 5, the iPhone 7 kills the 3.5mm headphone jack, and so on. Now, there are rumors that apple is targeting its next target. < / P > < p > the charging port has been a fixed device for mobile phones since its inception. However, Apple has always had its own way of doing things – according to the latest signs, apple is planning to “cut” lightning ports. < / P > < p > for example, MagSafe on the iPhone 12. When you want to charge the iPhone 12, you just need to put it on the wireless charging device and wait for the charging indicator on the screen to confirm whether it works normally. There is no charging port in the whole process. < / P > < p > before adding MagSafe to mobile phones, apple developed airdrop and icloud for data transmission. With the addition of MagSafe, the future of wireless charging seems inevitable. It gives us a glimpse of Apple’s vision: not to continue the charging interface, but to create the iPhone’s wireless accessories ecosystem. “Wireless technology has reached a mature level, and Portless devices are more viable than ever,” said Tuong huy Nguyen, senior chief analyst at Gartner < / P > < p > as early as 2018, apple added support for Qi based wireless inductive charging standards in its iPhone 8 and iPhone x, thus adopting wireless technology. Apple initially limited power to 5 watts, but later increased it to 7.5 watts through software updates. < / P > < p > there are also rumors that a new wireless charging board is being developed to replace airpower, which was eventually cancelled before it has a chance to enter the market. Unlike airpower, which promises to charge multiple devices at the same time, this Qi cushion may only charge one device at a time. Apple says MagSafe works faster than a Qi charger. Its charger can now provide twice the power of 15 watts. < / P > < p > in order to make more people accept the life without lightning interface, Apple may provide wireless solutions for other wired accessories except mobile phones. According to foreign media, the accessories may include game handles, camera handles, self timer sticks and wireless rechargeable battery packs. Science Discovery