Apple press conference is set! IPhone 12 strategy adjustment, fruit powder “hard to accept”!

Generally speaking, September is the most competitive month for major mobile phone companies every year. However, due to the epidemic situation and supply chain problems, the press conference of many enterprises has been postponed to October. Among many mobile phone brands, the most popular brands are two models, one is Huawei’s P40 series, the other is Apple’s iPhone 12. As a result of various factors, Huawei’s P40 series shipment has been reduced, which may lead to the phenomenon that “one machine is hard to obtain”, which also makes Apple’s iPhone 12 the focus of attention. < / P > < p > as Apple’s iPhone 12 launch is getting closer and closer, there are also a lot of revelations about Apple. Recently, according to the news from John Prosser and the news from the Dutch operator, Apple’s press conference has been decided, and the iPhone 12 will be officially launched on October 13 and pre-sale on October 16. Because Apple iPhone 12 is equipped with TSMC’s A14 processor with 5nm technology and 5g function for the first time, it not only greatly improves the performance, but also makes up for the lack of 5g board of iPhone. Its competitiveness is no less than mate40 series, which also carries 5nm technology. < / P > < p > this iPhone 12 Mini screen size is only 5.4 inches, which is far smaller than the screen size of other apple models and popular models. What’s more, iPad and MAC products all have mini models. It’s reasonable to give him the name of mini, which is reasonable and no problem! However, according to Apple’s strategy, as long as it is equipped with the title of “mini”, it is bound to be “chopped several times”! It is reported that in terms of configuration, although the iPhone 12 Mini will also carry Apple 14 series processor, it is not a series, but B series, that is, B14 processor. Compared with A14, the main frequency is lowered and the core is locked. Therefore, the iPhone 12 Mini is also known as the “residual blood version” of the iPhone 12! < / P > < p > as we all know, apple, Huawei, MediaTek and other enterprises not only rely on TSMC, but also rely on these semiconductor enterprises, because the improvement of chip yield rate is based on a large number of orders. Therefore, whether Apple or other chip enterprises, there will inevitably be chips whose scores are between “pass” and “excellent” in the OEM process Apple is a company that strictly controls the product quality, so this kind of chip is defined as B series chip. However, as the price of the iPhone 12 Mini is also around 5500 yuan, for the fruit powder, the price of the flagship machine at 5500 yuan starts with a mobile phone with “the main frequency being cut off and the core being locked”, which makes many fruit fans unexpected and even more “unacceptable”! What is more difficult for consumers to accept is that Apple’s iPhone 12 series will be sold separately. The iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12 Max will be on sale first. The iPhone 12 pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max will not be available until November. < / P > < p > on the one hand, apple wants to “deal with” these bloody versions of the iPhone 12 Mini! However, this kind of chip does not affect the use, it is just a degradation process, and because of the huge advantages of Apple IOS system, the performance of iPhone 12 Mini with B14 processor is still not negligible! Developed a “plug and play” solar power generation scheme, and “5B” won a $12 million round a financing