Apple press conference live test page exposed, implying iPhone 12 time?

Maybe you don’t understand it very well. Will you recall that Apple has been releasing new products in the form of live broadcast in the past years? In fact, there are still some differences, because Apple’s press conferences in the past years were actually on-site. What we saw was the broadcast pictures. There were a lot of media and individual audiences participating in the scene. This year, for special reasons, Apple’s press conferences have been recorded first and then broadcast. WWDC 2020 is a press conference in this form. The advantage is that such a conference can use less resources, the effect of carefully produced pictures is also good, and the whole conference only focuses on the key points. < / P > < p > a few days ago, it was revealed that @ leakspalepro tweeted that Apple had already recorded the video of the autumn conference in Apple Park and had recorded it many times to achieve the best editing effect. Similar to the developer conference, it also allows a number of executives to speak on the stage, so we should be busy. < p > < p > to accept this news, apple officials seem to need an empirical study. This morning, they tested the live page on YouTube. Although it only appeared for a small period of time, it was still seen by many users, and the screen capture came down. The news on the page < / P > < p > also makes people wonder whether Apple’s press conference will come as scheduled? The page titled test shows “plenty of information,” including the date of the live broadcast. < / P > < p > the date above shows that the live time will be September 10, 2020, with a countdown of 21 days, which is exactly the time from the current date. Apple did not respond. < / P > < p > whether September 10, 2020 is the release time of iPhone 12 is unknown. It is generally believed that iPhone 12 has not been put on the agenda. If there is a live release on that day, it is more likely to release other hardware products. < / P > < p > but it really belongs to Apple’s official news. We can also think of it like this. It may be a time for testing, which we only use for reference. < / P > < p > we should remember that the time of Apple’s press conference given by many people who have heard about it will be postponed to October. There are also different views that Apple’s hardware will be launched in two times in the second half of the year. It depends on what kind of answers apple can deliver in 2020, when all kinds of technology products are launched rapidly. < / P > < p > Apple recently updated the official version of IOS 13.6.1, which is a regular update. After each update of the latest system, Apple will verify and shut down the last system with bugs or security risks. After closing IOS 13.6, the upgraded iPhone can no longer be downgraded. IOS 13.6.1 has become the “last system” worthy of its name now – with regular updates. Straight screen S20! Samsung Galaxy S20 Fe exposure: 1Hz high brush + snapdragon 865