Apple releases iPhone 12: four 5g models from 5499 yuan to support China’s Beidou satellite positioning

It is still 64GB storage start, the highest version of 512gb configuration; the lowest price of the Bank of China Version is 5499 yuan, and the top configuration version is only 11899 yuan The key is that, besides a usb-c data cable, there is no charging head or wired headset! However, we have to wait for the delivery of the first two versions of the iPhone on December 12, but we have to wait for the delivery of the first two versions of the iPhone on December 12, but we have to wait for the delivery of the standard iPhone version of the pro on December 13 < / P > < p > retains face ID and returns to iPhone 5 right angle fuselage has lost its 2.5D screen glass radian. The left border is still the entity mute switch, the upper and lower two entity volume adjustment buttons, and the long power button on the right side frame is still there, without the legendary side fingerprint. Everything is familiar ~ < / P > < p > thanks to Liu Hai’er’s comprehensive screen design, although it is equipped with a 5.4-inch display screen, the resolution is 1080p pixels Level, the thickness of the screen border is also greatly reduced, although it is still a “big black edge” visual sense, the body size is smaller than the iPhone se! As the world’s smallest, lightest and thinnest 5g mobile phone, its standby life is hard to say ~ < / P > < p > two iPhone 11 cameras of the same shape, equipped with a 5nm process A14 processor, “external” high pass snapdragon 5g baseband chip, supporting sub6 GHz 5g network, supporting 20W wired charging and 15W magnetic absorption wireless charging! In addition to the 133g aluminum host, a usb-c data cable is provided as standard, and 20W charging head, headset and other accessories need to be purchased separately. < / P > < p > is still based on the Liu Hai’er regional face ID design, equipped with a 6.1-inch ultra retinal XDR display, and a larger body brings 17 hours of video playback time, which is obviously more leisurely than the 15 hours of mini version? The same aluminum frame body + Super porcelain crystal panel also supports MagSafe magnetic suction 15W wireless charging, and 20W wired charging with separate charging head < p > < p > with the same 5nm process A14 processor chip, the “external” high pass snapdragon 5g baseband supports 5g network, intelligent data mode and IP68 waterproof under IEC60529 standard. Thanks to the larger body space compared with mini version, it retains the dual standby function of nano SIM card < / P > < P > there are also wide-angle and ultra wide angle rear view of mini version, and 2 times optical zoom power of mini version It can shoot HDR video with a maximum of 30 FPS Dolby horizon; the color matching and aluminum body are the same as the mini’s. Compared with the “nominal” standard version of the iPhone 12, the enhanced version of the iPhone 12 Pro is more like the “Standard Version”. The same 6.1-inch ultra retinal XDR display, the same 5nm process A14 processor chip, and the “external” high pass snapdragon 5g Baseband Support sub6 GHz 5g network, and the video playback time is also 17 hours < / P > < p > however, the technical difference is also obvious! For example, a third telephoto lens sensor is added, which supports 60 FPS video shooting, 4 times optical zoom range, and more “native gold” colors are available! What’s more, it’s the “bright gold” of mirror design, not frosting ~ < / P > < p > from this iPhone 12 Pro version, it’s equipped with a lidar scanner, which can realize the night portrait mode, faster auto focus in low light environment, and better ar experience of augmented reality! New apple proraw format, more texture of surgical stainless steel frame, mini version and standard version of aluminum frame, is not a feeling at all < / P > < p > it is equipped with 6.7-inch ultra retinal XDR display, ultra wide angle, wide-angle and long focus lens, and a laser radar scanner. Compared with the 4x optical zoom of the iPhone 12 Pro version, the top version of 12pro Max supports 5x optical zoom. Thanks to the larger battery with larger body space, the video playback time is as long as 20 hours ~ < / P > < p > the larger screen size has a value of 458 PPI, a better typical maximum brightness of 800 nits and a maximum brightness of 1200 nit of HDR, compared with the iPhone The size of the 12mini body is 133 grams, which is called a smaller, lighter and thinner experience. The iPhone 12 Pro Max weighs 226 grams, which can be called a larger and heavier “brick” model. Fortunately, the thickness is 7.4mm < / P > < p > it also supports MagSafe magnetic suction 15W wireless charging, 20W wired charging with independent charging head, surgical grade stainless steel frame + Super porcelain crystal panel, A14 processor with the latest 5nm process technology, and “external” high pass snapdragon 5g baseband chip, supporting sub6 GHz 5g network, ultra wideband technology, apple proraw and up to 7x digital zoom. < / P > < p > conclusion: compared with the iPhone 12 pro, the highlight of the top 12 Pro Max is its large size and stronger endurance! < / P > < p > first, compared with other brand manufacturers, apple did not choose to castrate the key technology, but transferred the cost to the cancellation of accessories, which is really a new 5g intelligent experience. Although the so-called “cost performance” brands also support the access to 5g network, the actual 5g network performance experience perfectly interprets “one penny for one” in the real daily use process! < / P > < p > Second, the four models of the Bank of China iPhone 12 support sub6 GHz 5g, which is commonly known as centimeter wave technology. It is said that the iPhone 12 in the U.S. market supports millimeter wave 5g mode! This may mean that products such as “American version” iPhone 12 model “parallel products” may not be able to obtain the BOC version experience, especially in terms of 5g network support! < / P > < p > Third, in view of the wonderful behavior of “understand king” in the United States, as well as the transfer out of part of Apple’s supply chain, and the uncertainty of wechat and other apps, there are many unknown risks in continuing to start with Apple products such as iPhone 12! This may be a problem we have to consider, unless we don’t care about mainstream apps like “unable to use wechat” or “10000 yuan” ~ < / P > < p > it is worth mentioning that Apple has released 5g version of iPhone 12. In addition to the minimum cost of 5499 yuan for the four models, Apple has also designed its own antenna and other components to support China’s Beidou satellite positioning system for the first time! < / P > < p > in fact, with the support of Qualcomm snapdragon baseband chip, Apple’s iPhone, which has been released for many years, has long been able to support China’s Beidou! It has been delayed until 2020 to complete the adaptation, which is not really “positive”, and there are even some “slights” ~ < / P > < p > for example, Huawei’s Kirin processor, Qualcomm snapdragon platform processor chip, MediaTek and Ziguang zhanrui’s chips have completed the support of chip underlying hardware and core algorithm technology very early. The iPhone is almost the latest to support Beidou < / P > < p > four new iPhones are released in one breath, with a minimum of 5499 yuan to “capture” the low and medium end. Even if it is the “top version” iPhone 12, it is only up to 11899 yuan. Apple, which is trying to “eat through” the middle and low-end, mid high-end and flagship markets, has great ambition! < / P > < p > Apple’s radical pricing strategy not only makes the current of a certain meter under the banner of “cost performance” suffer from castration technology, but also “hit the head” since marketing! It also embarrasses Huawei, which is struggling in the face of Kirin chip mass production difficulties= target=_ blank>Continue ReadingASMC, a lithography maker, was one of TSMC’s 14 top suppliers last year

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