Apple repents? Huawei may take the lead to attack, mobile phone industry will meet “changes”

In recent years, the mobile phone industry can be described as a “dark tide surging”, all mobile phone manufacturers are trying to make innovations, hoping to attract consumers’ attention with more eye-catching features. However, the more this is the case, the more forced “innovation” of mobile phones released by manufacturers every year. For example, the placement of cameras, such as curved screens and even waterfall screens that are not of great significance, are actually not what users want.

looking back on the brilliant innovation in the mobile phone industry a few years ago, many people will think of the mix mobile phone released by Xiaomi company. This mobile phone must also be one of the earliest models in the mobile phone industry to develop a full screen. Once released, it won the cheers of many consumers. After all, in the era of big forehead and big chin, mix was too amazing.

after a few years, the smart phone industry has long been full of comprehensive screens, and each manufacturer is pursuing the proportion of high screen, so Xiaomi’s mix series is not as concerned at present. Although it is the era of full screen, we have to admit that among so many mobile phone manufacturers, none of their products are “true full screen”. Most of them are special-shaped screen design and lifting design. Although the lift is excellent, but there are also many shortcomings, so this year was not used by the flagship model.

at present, the most anticipated technology is the off screen camera technology. Because the off screen camera technology can not only ensure the integrity of the front of the mobile phone, but also solve the disadvantages of the lifting design, so the off screen camera technology is bound to be the trend in the future. At the beginning, the domestic manufacturers Xiaomi and oppo successively released the experimental videos of off screen cameras. However, due to technical reasons, they are not mature at present, so they can only continue to study in the laboratory.

recently, a digital blogger in China said that BOE, a domestic giant, had made a breakthrough in the off screen camera and had held an exhibition at the exhibition. The models using this technology in the exhibition, from the UI interface, are very similar to Huawei’s emui system, so netizens have been conjectured.

after all, HUAWEI and BOE have reached a deep cooperation relationship. No matter make complaints about how serious the market is, HUAWEI has always been using the products of BOE. While the products of BOE are also improving in recent years, so the rise of BOE has a certain connection with HUAWEI. Obviously, Huawei is also the beneficiary of BOE’s breakthrough in off screen camera technology, because Huawei may take the lead and become the first manufacturer in the industry to use off screen camera technology.

BOE’s breakthrough in this technology not only makes us feel surprised. What Apple and Samsung haven’t realized at present has been realized by domestic giant BOE, which is faster than the two giants’ research and development speed. This is a point that many people never thought of.

there is no doubt that if the technology can be commercialized on a large scale in the future, BOE will probably supply Huawei first according to the relationship between BOE and Huawei. As for apple, in fact, Apple had a chance. However, BOE failed to pass the apple supply chain test before, so it was given a “pass” by apple and had to wait for the next retest.

apple must be a bit sorry. Maybe it didn’t rule out BOE at the beginning. Now it is very likely that it will participate in the experiment of off screen camera technology as Huawei does. However, this consequence is not worth the loss. If Huawei takes the lead in using this technology in the future, it will fall behind by another technical level, and its competitiveness will decline again. It will really have to stare at Huawei. In any case, with BOE’s breakthrough in this technology, it is a certain fact that the mobile phone industry has ushered in “changes”.

Author: zmhuaxia