Apple reproduces “Sao operation”. IPhone make complaints about iOS 14 days before the update.

Emmm make complaints about make complaints about Tucao not much more than Tucao before make complaints about the power consumption of Tucao. Let’s find out. The mobile phone mobile phone fever of

was the first time that the student took the lead in the eyes of the author. According to the student’s description, several days before the update to iOS 14, he found that his iPhone 11 Pro phone had a fever which was very severe, giving the feeling that it felt like exploding immediately. After updating the system to make complaints about iOS 14, it was ready. < / P > < p > after pushing the update from the official version of IOS 14, it was only a week later that the first small repair version was pushed. According to the common saying, this update is “urgent”. < p > < p > in terms of the problems of updating this small repair version, it mainly focuses on repairing the failure of the default application restart, the problem of camera preview, the problem of WiFi disconnection, the problem of third-party email jump, and even the problem of news app picture display. < / P > < p > don’t underestimate these fixed problems. Each of these problems is related to the daily use of the vast majority of fruit powder users. The default application restart failure, the third-party email jump, and even the problems of the news app picture display. Not to mention, the WiFi disconnection and camera Preview problem are really “big things”, the former will affect the user’s daily game experience The latter affects the user’s experience of taking photos. Is this a trivial matter?

a few years ago, Apple’s BUG problem was hit by one or two hot searches. People were “scolded”. This time, students also make complaints about the problem of copying windows after updating iOS iOS. If they do not delete them quickly, they will always be there. < / P > < p > some students said that after updating to IOS 14, using their iPhone horizontal screen to play games will cause problems of photo albums and weather application occlusion, which is like swearing! Make complaints about the misfits of the album in the new system. < / P > < p > after some students use the iPhone, the first time they install the third-party input method is because the original input method is not easy to use. After this update to IOS 14, some students said that when they used Baidu input method, they had problems when typing and touching sound. Although this problem is not big, it is also a bug after all. < / P > < p > when IOS 14 is updated, many new small components are added to make it more convenient for users to use them everyday. However, after updating to the updated IOS 14, the system’s resource library is almost “scrapped” – because it can’t edit the order of icons and classify freely. After all, there are more small components, and some compulsive students often want to organize it better. What’s the meaning of giving the resource library but not giving the right to adjust it freely? < / P > < p > in short, this IOS Compared with the past, although there are fewer problems such as stuck and unsmooth, there are also a lot of small problems: for example, the old system seems to force users to update the system, otherwise the mobile phone will be very hot; for example, all kinds of small bugs in use, although not serious enough to cause users to be unable to use the iPhone, all kinds of problems still exist, making apple Snow once again Add frost. < / P > < p > plus the fact that 5g iPhone was not released until October, how much tolerance is left for it? What do you encounter with these small problems? Welcome to see the students leave a message to participate in the discussion yo! Yueshang group has become the third social e-commerce service platform listed in China after being gathered in pinduoduo

Author: zmhuaxia