Apple responds: iPhone 11 has used Beidou navigation as part of its location data system

Recently, in response to the fact that the iPhone does not support Beidou navigation, apple said that the iPhone 11 has used the Beidou system as a part of its location data system, and indeed relies on the data from the Chinese network to provide location-based functions. < p > < p > iPhone 11 series models support Beidou, but there are still traces to follow. Comparing with the relevant parameters of the official website, the website lists its built-in support for GPS and GNSS. GNSS has already included the four major global satellite navigation systems, but it has not explicitly pointed out its support for Beidou. < / P > < p > not long ago, the official head of Beidou navigation had already told apple that Beidou has a standard that they can accept at any time. However, apple does not support the corresponding standard on domestic iPhones. Beidou firmly believes that one day, Apple will come to this stage and let iPhone support Beidou navigation. < / P > < p > in addition, taking iPhone 11 as an example, it uses Intel’s latest xmm7660 baseband. The official documents confirm that it supports Beidou navigation and positioning. Therefore, it is not a problem to support Beidou navigation technically. However, it has not been realized. The most likely reason is that apple has not done a good job for various reasons, or apple may have blocked the Beidou signal. At present, mobile phone manufacturers and map software manufacturers often use GPS to replace all satellite navigation systems. In fact, today, satellite navigation is compatible and shared by multiple systems, including GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and, of course, Beidou. Skip to content