Apple unveils a new heated display dismantling machine for iPhone 12

To open the iPhone 12, a technician slides the device into a dedicated tray and then places the tray in a high-temperature fixture for two minutes to heat the adhesive under the display. Once the adhesive is loose, the technician will be able to remove the display by twisting the arm with a suction cup at the top of the machine. < / P > < p > it is not clear why Apple needs to use heat to remove the display on the iPhone 12, but this may be due to the new flat edge design of the devices and the display flush with the frame. The iPhone 12 also has IP68 grade water resistance up to 68 meters, which may mean that these devices have more adhesion. < / P > < p > since the dismantling of the iPhone 12 has surfaced online, it is clear that the device can still be turned on without using Apple’s new heating device, but this is still required by genius bars and Apple’s authorized service providers. < / P > < p > Apple recently disclosed the out of warranty repair prices for its iPhone 12 model, including $69 for battery replacement and $279 for screen repair. For all other damage, such as a broken rear glass, the repair cost for the iPhone 12 is $449 and that for the iPhone 12 Pro is $549. To get services, visit the get support page on Apple’s website. Older posts →