Apple was revealed to have helped the US government develop the “top secret iPod”

Guide: Sayer describes this top secret product as “an iPod that doesn’t exist.” if you ask Apple about this certain made iPod project, the answer is “no comment”. Public relations personnel will tell you honestly that Apple has no record of such projects. ”

an article by David Shayer, a former Apple engineer, on August 17 reveals the dust laden past 15 years ago when the U.S. Department of energy asked apple to help build a “top secret iPod.”.

because the project is highly confidential, even Sayer, who provides support, does not know what the people sent by the government added to the iPod, but according to his speculation, they may be building a “invisible Geiger counter” to detect radioactive materials.

in response to Sayer’s disclosure, Tony fadell, the father of the iPod, said the project was “undoubtedly true.”.

CNN pointed out that Apple’s exposure of the incident was “in sharp contrast to the company’s image of rejecting the US government’s” backdoor “program.

according to CNN, Sayer was the software engineer of the first generation of iPods. He wrote an article on the “tidbits” website of apple on the 17th. He said that in 2005, the then iPod software director and “boss’s boss” suddenly assigned him a “special task”.

Sayer didn’t give the name of the executive, who told him at the time, “you’re going to help two DOE engineers build a special iPod. Your boss doesn’t know about this, just report it to me.”

the next day, two engineers sent by the US government, Paul and Matthew, found Shayer. They don’t work directly for DOE. They come from Berkeley, a large defense contractor of DOE.

Sayer said that the other party wants to add some hardware to the iPod and record data to the iPod’s disk in a way that is difficult to detect, and the appearance and function of this iPod must be the same as that of an ordinary iPod. In addition, the two engineers will do all the work, and Shayer’s job is to provide any support they need, and they have discussed the “best way” to hide data.

“they were careful to make sure that I never saw the hardware, and I never did.” ‘whenever you want to know what Paul and Matthew are doing, they’re going to switch the subject.’.

although the other side was reticent, Sayer speculated that the two might be building a “invisible Geiger counter” to detect radioactive materials. “You can walk around the city, listen to your songs as you like, and record evidence of radioactive activity – such as scanning evidence of smuggled or stolen uranium, or evidence of ‘dirty bomb’ development plans, without the media or the public knowing what happened.”

Sayer revealed that only four people at Apple knew about the secret project. This includes him, head of iPod software, vice president of the iPod division, and senior vice president of the hardware division. But at the moment, none of them work at Apple, and the project “has no written record, all communication is face-to-face.”

he described the top secret product as “an iPod that doesn’t exist.” if you ask Apple about this specific iPod project, the answer will be “no comment”. Public relations personnel will honestly tell you that Apple has no record of any such projects. ” Sayer wrote. After the project was completed, he never saw Paul and Matthew again.

CNN contacted apple, Packard and the U.S. Department of energy on the matter, but none of them responded. However, Tony fadell, known as the “father of the iPod,” confirmed Sayer’s statement on August 18, saying it was “absolutely correct” and “this project is undoubtedly true.”

according to public data, fadell served as vice president of Apple’s iPod engineering from 2004 to October 2006, and then promoted to senior vice president of the iPod division. In 2010, he left apple to start nest lab, a smart home equipment company.

CNN pointed out that in recent years, apple refused to install “backdoor” programs in the iPhone by the FBI and the Department of justice, and repeatedly opposed the U.S. government’s request for information on the iPhone of the suspect in the shooting case on the ground of endangering users’ privacy. The exposure of Shayer is in sharp contrast to this. Yueshang group has become the third social e-commerce service platform listed in China after being gathered in pinduoduo