Apple watch launched its new iPad in September

Apple will hold a special autumn event at 1:00 a.m. tomorrow, which is commonly known as the apple conference. In the past, this period of every year was the day when Apple’s new generation iPhone was released. However, due to the impact of the epidemic this year, the launch of new mobile phones of various companies has been delayed. Recently, many sources also believe that Apple’s new generation iPhone will not be launched at this event, but will not be launched The launch will feature the new Apple watch and iPad. < / P > < p > the poster of Apple’s special event actually indicates that the new product is apple watch. Now Apple will launch a new Apple watch every September. This year, it has the sixth generation, that is, apple watch series 6. This year, the appearance design should be the apple watch series with cash 6. Continue to support the always on display screen, but there is news that the new watch body will be thinner. < / P > < p > as for the new functions, it has been rumored that Apple watch series 6 will support blood oxygen monitoring, and the internal chip will be upgraded to S4, so the performance will be stronger. Compared with series 4, the cash Series 5 has little improvement, so it may be greatly improved this time. In addition, the battery capacity of the new watch has not increased much, so the battery life should be the same as it is now. < / P > < p > in addition to series 6 for high-end users, Apple also plans to launch a cheap Apple watch for the entry-level market. In fact, the apple watch series 3 launched by apple in 2017 has been on sale for many years, and the price of BOC is only 1200 yuan. This time, the new cheap Apple watch is used to replace series 3. < / P > < p > there is very little news about Apple’s smart watch. It is likely that it retains the shape design of the old generation of Apple watch of series 3, which is still 42mm and 38mm in size. So it may be the new series 3 that has upgraded its internal chip, but it is said that Apple will name it Apple watch se. < / P > < p > Apple increased the entry-level iPad to 10.5 inch screen last year, but the internal chip has not been upgraded. This year’s new iPad, the eighth generation iPad, is mainly for improving performance, and it is said that it will be upgraded to a12x, which is even stronger than the current iPad air 3 and ipad Mini 5, but the new entry-level iPad still maintains the lightning interface. < / P > < p > the iPad air will usher in a major change this time. With the new generation of “full screen” design after the 2018 iPad pro, that is, the touch ID at the bottom of the front is removed, so the new iPad air will have a larger 10.9-inch screen. However, it is said that the iPad air will not have the multi angle face ID face recognition on the iPad pro, but will integrate the touch ID fingerprint recognizer on the power key. < / P > < p > a major feature of the new iPad air is that it will first be equipped with A14 chip, which should be used on the new generation of iPhone, so the performance should be very strong. In addition, the iPad air has been replaced with usb-c interface, and the smart connector has been moved to the back, so it should be a keyboard accessory compatible with 11 inch iPad pro, and the new iPad will be from $499. < / P > < p > as early as last year’s autumn special event forecast, it was said that Apple would launch this gadget to locate other devices, which can cooperate with IOS At the beginning of 2013, some people searched for device apps to track the tied items, which is very useful for those big headed shrimp users who often can’t find the key, remote control and wallet. However, there is no accurate explanation for how to use it, and we can guess. Baidu continues to work on quantum computing to lay a solid foundation for new infrastructure construction