Apple watch se is a bit fierce in teaching how to do cost-effective

Although Apple didn’t send out iPhone in autumn 2020, there are still some interesting points in the two apple watch releases, especially the apple watch se, which is likely to become a popular model. At present, the official price of se is 2199 yuan, which can fully explain that Apple has started to work on Android smart watches after mobile phones!

  Apple Watch How fierce is the se? From the parameter comparison, it is only one electrode type heart rate sensor different from last year’s S5, and it doesn’t support constant lighting. Other things are basically the same. It’s similar to the newly launched S6, except that it doesn’t support constant lighting, blood oxygen, and the processor is a generation behind, but the price difference is 1000 yuan. That is to say, this generation of Se can be understood as Apple’s flagship of last year The product is slightly modified and sold for another generation, which instantly highlights the cost performance ratio. This method is worth learning for domestic manufacturers! < / P > < p > looking back at Android, mobile phone manufacturers are making smart watches, including huami OV and some sub brands. The high-end versions of smart watches produced by these mobile phone manufacturers generally cost 1500-2000 yuan. If the apple watch se is subsidized by e-commerce platform, it is likely that the price is cheaper than the current Android smart watches, that is to say, the apple watch This wave of se is likely to destroy these smart watches! < / P > < p > in fact, students who have used Android smart watches should feel that they are not particularly easy to use, because Android watches are not very mature at present, facing apple, which has been produced for six generations Watch, only the price advantage, and now apple is doing this, I feel that there is not much space left for Android watch, so in the end, if it is you, 2000 yuan smart watch, you will choose Android or apple! American companies begin to give up R & D: who should pay for corporate research?