Apple watch series 6 competitors are here to support continuous blood oxygen monitoring

Nowadays, intelligent wearable devices in our lives can be said to have been highly popular, such as the smart watch loved by many young users. In order to capture the demand of users, the major mobile phone manufacturers are also expanding their territory in the field of smart watches, such as vivo, one of the domestic mobile phone giants. Recently, vivo officially announced that its first smart watch, vivo watch, will be officially released on September 22, which has attracted the strong attention of many users. So, what kind of surprise will this new vivo watch bring? < / P > < p > from the appointment interface on the official website of vivo, we can see the real face of vivo watch. With its beautiful appearance and four amazing colors, vivo watch looks particularly advanced and exquisite. Careful users should pay special attention to the fact that the new vivo watch adopts a circular dial design, bringing two versions. The smaller version looks more fashionable and compact, and is very suitable for female users to wear; while the version with a slightly larger diameter is more in line with the unique temperament of male users. < / P > < p > of course, vivo watch, which has a high appearance, is also very versatile. It can be easily controlled whether it’s for daily office wear, sports wear for going out, or fashionable dress for friends’ party, so as to show the fashion temperament of users without reservation. < / P > < p > the meticulous design in details is a surprise prepared by vivo watch for users. According to the official information released by vivo, the new vivo watch uses nappa leather strap. As we know, the products usually made of leather are also regarded as the symbol of luxury. Among many kinds of leather, nappa leather is the most famous, and its softness and excellence are the impression of many users on nappa leather. The new vivo watch, with the blessing of nappa leather, will be more extreme in visual experience and wearing comfort. < / P > < p > not only that, the body of vivo watch is also made of fine steel, which is durable, does not deform, does not fade and has no irritation to the skin. It is the label of fine steel material. Only the table body is designed so attentively, this sincerity is worthy of users’ praise. < / P > < p > as a new smart watch, the performance of vivo watch in terms of function and interactive experience is also of great concern to users. According to the official poster, vivo watch will support continuous oxygen monitoring just like the apple watch series 6 just released. In addition, the Jovi intelligent voice assistant, full-featured NFC and other functions favored by vivo users should not be absent. Of course, vivo, which continues to create surprises, always surprise us. Therefore, this vivo watch will definitely have more brilliant performance in terms of function and interactive experience. Let’s keep looking forward to it. < / P > < p > in appearance design, careful selection of materials and continuous innovation in function are the initial impressions of vivo watch that has not yet been released. As the first vivo smart watch, the appearance of vivo watch can be said to be the gospel of the majority of vivo users. So, are you looking forward to this product of vivo watch. Huawei has finally made a choice! Xiaomi and ov have also followed up. Have you ever thought about today?