Apple will hold a “double launch”: the iPhone 12 series may be released on September 8

Driving China July 27, 2020 according to foreign media reports, apple revealed that @ ihacktu revealed that Apple’s new fall iPhone 12 series launch will be held online on September 8, and then Apple will hold a press conference on October 27 to launch Apple glass and a Mac equipped with apple silicon, an apple self-developed processor.

it is reported that the overall changes of the new iPhone 12 series are relatively large, and the processor, screen, interface, communication and photography have been upgraded to varying degrees. On the screen, the whole series of iphone12 is expected to adopt high-resolution OLED screens. According to previous industry chain news, apple is testing the OLED screen quality of Samsung, LG, BOE, etc., to determine screen suppliers for the iPhone 12 series. Processor, no doubt, should be the latest A14 processor.

in addition, all four models are considered to be equipped with 5g connection. The difference is that the entry-level model will be equipped with dual cameras and 4GB storage, while the pro model may be equipped with three cameras, 120Hz promotion screen and 6GB of running memory.

in terms of color matching, according to previous reports, Apple has prepared a new color for iPhone 12 this year – “Navy Blue”. According to the recent exposure of the rendering, navy blue color can better highlight the texture of the mobile phone, and it does not look so high-profile or low-key, more in line with the golden mean. There are only reports that Navy Blue may replace midnight green on the iPhone 11 Pro as the main color for the iPhone 12. I just don’t know whether this is good news or bad news for fruit powder.

in Apple’s product matrix, iPhone is absolutely dominant. This year, the upcoming iPhone 12 series has undertaken a huge mission. Under the impact of the epidemic, whether Apple can win the throne of consumer electronics sales depends on whether Apple can drop a heavy bomb on the market.

Author: zmhuaxia