Apple will make the iPhone 12 in India, and the lower iPhone will no longer be made in China

Apple didn’t start making iPhone 11 in India until recently. But now a new report says the company will also make its 2020 flagship iPhone 12 in India. According to the business standards report, apple is investing heavily in the process at its Bangalore plant. This is in line with recent reports that Wistron, one of Apple’s manufacturing partners, is hiring 10000 new employees for its plant in nataka, India.

in addition, a former minister from Karnataka posted a tweet that Apple would make the iPhone 12 at its new plant in nataka. Good news Bangalore and apple plan to build a new iPhone 12 facility in nataka. It could generate more investment and create nearly 10000 jobs.

all this is good news for India’s “made in India” program. As Apple makes its flagship iPhone in India, we can also expect the new iPhone to be relatively cheaper than the iPhone 11. And it’s likely that the next iPhone will be made in China again.

as a quick update, the release of the iPhone 11 is cheaper than the iPhone XR in India. However, since Apple will produce the iPhone 12 in India from the beginning, the price of the iPhone 12 may be much lower than that of the iPhone 11, because it will avoid import tariffs locally in India.

obviously, this is something we haven’t seen yet. But lowering the price of the Indian iPhone would be good for apple. The country’s iPhone smartphone market may be large, but because of the high price, people don’t buy iPhones at all, especially compared to the price of iPhones in the United States and other regions.

this year, apple is expected to launch four new iPhone 12 models with screens ranging from 5.4 inches to 6.7 inches. The company has confirmed the delay in the launch of the iPhone 12, but we expect the phones to be released in October=“ ” target=”_ blank” rel=”noopener”>Continue Readinggather and watch! Huawei P40 Pro evaluation: excellent mobile phone photography elegant design, do you like it?