Apple’s A14 chipset exposed: is iPhone 12 coming soon?

On July 28, according to foreign media reports, some users announced Apple A14 chip components on social networks.

the picture is from the twitter account Mr White. The user only said that this is A14 chip module, and did not disclose any more information.

according to Apple’s upgrade rule, all 2020 iPhone models will be equipped with A14 chips with 5 nm process manufactured by TSMC.

last week, I hacktu revealed that Apple will launch new products including the iPhone 12 series on September 8.

according to foreign media, there are four new iPhones: one is 5.4 inches, two are 6.1 inches, and the other is 6.7 inches. All four iPhones will be equipped with OLED panels and all will support 5g.

Author: zmhuaxia