Apple’s airpower has been unveiled in two models or with the iPhone 12

As Apple’s autumn launch is getting closer and closer, many users begin to pay attention to the news of Apple’s new products. According to the information of Apple series, the new generation of iPad will be officially released in September, and the new generation of iPad will be released in October. < / P > < p > recently, there are also a lot of news about airpower. Some overseas bloggers have drawn the rendering map of airpower according to the known information. It is reported that Apple will bring us two series of airpower products. In addition to one airpower that can power multiple devices, there will also be an airpower Mini that can only power one device. < / P > < p > in brief, the design languages of the two are very similar, but the overall size is slightly different. Of course, we can also expect airpower to support more functions, such as providing more efficient fast charging for devices such as iPhones. < / P > < p > it is pointed out that Apple airpower will appear with the new iPhone 12 series, so we will probably see this product in October this year. Science Discovery