Apple’s claimed exclusive formula: smashing eight walnuts in one breath, that’s what happened to the iPhone 12pro

“By controlling the crystal type and crystallinity, we have developed an exclusive formula to reflect the hardness of porcelain as much as possible while maintaining the optical permeability of the material.” < / P > < p > in terms of the durability of the latest iPhone 12, the introduction of nano ceramic crystals with “higher hardness than most metals” is known as “another innovation!” < / P > < p > Apple claims to have developed an exclusive formula that integrates nano ceramic crystals with glass and improves the hardness of iPhone panel glass. < p > < p > therefore, Apple also introduced the “double ion exchange process” technology to strengthen the scratch resistance and scratch resistance of the glass panel with nano ceramic crystal, so that the outer screen glass of iPhone is as wear-resistant as the back glass. < / P > < p > in order to achieve 4 times of anti drop capability, the super ceramic crystal technology is adopted, and the screen radian is removed to keep it completely flush with the fuselage edge. < / P > < p > when many domestic display panel manufacturers have yet to overcome the flexible OLED surface technology, Samsung strongly advocates the flexible OLED surface design, and Apple also starts to turn from the iPhone 6 to the smooth screen design. Today, the flexible OLED display panel that Samsung is proud of and the corresponding curved screen technology have been conquered by domestic enterprises. Samsung immediately changed its product design, taking advantage of its leading position in the field of mobile phones, to face the screen directly < p > < p > Apple claims “no need for curved edge design” because the thickness of the iPhone 12 has been reduced, so it has been changed to “retro” face-to-face screen! < / P > < p > have you conquered the flexible OLED surface technology? Let’s join hands to change the design orientation of the market, so that the technology you spent a lot of money on research and development will lose the market. Anyway, our previous R & D has made a lot of profits ~ < / P > < p > what is Apple’s exclusive formula? Super porcelain crystal glass panel really so strong? With this question, someone tested the iPhone 12 Pro screen! < / P > < p > through this public test video, it was found that Apple’s “exclusive recipe” technology’s screen easily cracked the shells of eight paper skinned walnuts. < / P > < p > the glass panel added with super porcelain crystal material did not show cracks and obvious scratches. However, after the iPhone 12 Pro was turned on, it changed like this ~ < / P > < p > after gently wiping the “fierce battlefield” with a paper towel, holding down the iPhone 12 Pro power on button, and when the familiar Apple logo appeared, everything was suffocated. After smashing 8 walnuts in one breath, the iPhone 12pro can still be turned on. Apple’s exclusive formula of the outer screen glass also keeps the iPhone’s proud face ~ < / P > < p > as for the “display panel” under the outer screen glass, Samsung can’t hold its face Through the advanced outer screen glass, the internal display panel is discarded ~ < / P > < p > and there are many reasons for the green line on the screen, such as the display panel technology is not up to standard, the material and quality control of the display panel are not qualified, and the wiring of the display panel is not firmly welded. < / P > < p > of course, this violent test of the iPhone 12pro screen should be the real culprit of the damage to the display panel ~ even the thin paper walnut can’t! < / P > < p > smash 8 walnuts in one breath and test the iPhone 12pro screen. The results are really surprising: Apple’s exclusive formula really works ~ < / P > < p > don’t worry if the internal display panel is broken. If you don’t want to face the green color, the price of Apple’s official channel is only 2149 yuan ~ < / P > < p > we need to know that although the four 5g 5g The iPhone 12 is released in unison, but the frame of the entry-level iPhone 12mini and the standard version of the iPhone 12 is made of aluminum alloy. < / P > < p > the standard version of iPhone 12 and the high configuration version of iPhone 12 pro, most of the spare parts and components inside the body can be universal! < / P > < p > this means that, in addition to the difference between the number of cameras and the lidar function, the standard iPhone 12 may be able to manually change to 6G running memory? < / P > < p > of course, this is also a hidden danger for the second-hand iPhone 12pro. The fuselage size of the two models is the same as the screen size, but the frame material and the number of cameras are different. Therefore, we should pay special attention to whether there are criminals who take the standard version of iPhone 12 and convert it into the version of iPhone 12pro < / P > < p > on the other hand, before Apple officially banned the activation of the channel iPhone 12, some industry insiders disassembled the iPhone 12 for verification, and found that the 5nm process A14 processor, “external” of the previous generation of 7 nm snapdragon x55 baseband 5g chip of Qualcomm < / P > < p > Apple officially announced that it had designed a new RF antenna module, but it failed to carry the new generation of 5nm snapdragon X60 baseband in advance, and its performance and technology dropped more than one level! < p > < p > by the end of 2020, the last generation of snapdragon x55 baseband 5g chip will soon be abandoned by Android manufacturers. Apple has just “plug-in” ~ < / P > < p > Huawei mate 40 flagship carries Kirin 9000 platform. It also develops up to 15 billion transistors based on 5nm Technology. It also integrates advanced Baron 5000 baseband, which is perfectly compatible with centimeter wave and millimeter wave 5g band. < / P > < p > take a look at the performance of Apple’s 5g iPhone 12. The Bank of China Version not only “castrates” the ESIM chip, but also turns off the whole 5g data mode by default. The US version is equipped with a millimeter wave 5g antenna! According to relevant reports, an overseas communication operator found that the iPhone 12 integrated with ESIM chip could not enable the real 5g data mode when inserting another physical SIM card ~ < / P > < p > both versions of iphone12 and above of the Bank of China Version are designed with dual sim card slot. Castration of ESIM chip can support standby of dual 5g card and dual standby of dual card Shouldn’t it be? < p > < p > when amd acquired ATI assets, Qualcomm took the opportunity to acquire ATI mobile platform technology, which made the core performance of snapdragon platform processor GPU excellent; < / P > < p > Apple in the United States also relied on the acquisition of p.a Semi, and invited the former chief architect of arm to join us, and the baseband chip has never been integrated since the A4 chip, which makes the A14 processor design simpler and has the advantages of CPU and GPU running apart ~ < / P > < p > although Huawei mate The Kirin 9000, which is carried by the 40 flagship, is already the most powerful 5nm level SOC flagship processor, but it has been ahead of the Baron 5000 of Qualcomm for nearly a year and a half. This 5g baseband chip is the core technical advantage! < / P > < p > Apple has acquired the baseband R & D team abandoned by Intel, but advanced baseband algorithm and core necessary 5g patents, etc. can’t make apple company do what they want by simple acquisition ~ < / P > < p > if there is no special case, the next generation iPhone There is no doubt that snapdragon’s 5g 5g baseband will be replaced by a new 5g baseband. According to the progress News reported by relevant foreign media, it will take at least five years for the iPhone to use Apple’s own baseband chip Of course, Apple’s strategy of “investing, acquiring, and monopolizing the third-party team technology” sometimes saves more energy and R & D investment, such as the acquired face ID facial technology and Corning’s super ceramic glass panel ~ < / P > < p > in addition to the most advanced 5g technology performance is not ideal, the new iPhone 12 exclusive IOS system ecological advantages, Apple claims the exclusive formula of the super porcelain crystal glass panel, if we do not mention the quality control is reduced, we still have to admit that the overall aspect is indeed leading! < / P > < p > this is also the key for Huawei to promote the construction of HMS ecological platform, to adapt to Hongmeng OS mobile phone version in December as soon as possible, and carry out “system ecological level competition” layout. After all, the Kirin chip in terms of hardware is temporarily in difficulty in mass production, and the software strength has not affected ~ < / P > < p > this absolute leading advantage of software and hardware ecological integration is the direction that domestic brand manufacturers need to strive for, At present, only Huawei Technology is trying to make R & D layout! Looking at all aspects of apple, the exclusive IOS system and ecological platform are very mature, and the A-Series processor is also trying to integrate its own baseband chip < p > < p > after testing the iPhone 12 Pro screen, apple claimed that the “super porcelain crystal” outer screen glass supported by the exclusive formula was not damaged, but there was a green line on the internal Samsung display panel! Continue Readinggather and watch! Huawei P40 Pro evaluation: excellent mobile phone photography elegant design, do you like it?