Apple’s crime is so rampant that app developers complain

Protonmail, the developer of a secure e-mail service, today publicly accused apple of using its app store to control the communication channels between app developers and users and crowd out all other possible channels of competition. In the statement, the founder and CEO of protonmail accused apple of having a monopoly and constantly exploiting app developers or imposing unreasonable censorship. < p > < p > the founder of protonmail says he has been quietly enduring apple for the past few years. They believe that Apple has been intimidating all IOS app developers with its monopoly, and they also call Apple’s 30% share of app store sales as “Apple tax.”. < / P > < p > “Apple tried to divide the app store into two parts, namely, the rent of physical stores, in order to justify its 30% commission. However, Apple has never mentioned that IOS users have no choice but the app store. It is not illegal for apple to set up its own “shopping mall” or own the only “shopping mall”. Apple’s real illegality lies in the fact that it uses its own unique “shopping mall” to charge prices all over the place, damaging competition. ” This is what protonmail’s official blog says. At the same time, they say the 30% share of APP sales has seriously damaged the competitiveness of their apps in front of Apple’s official apps, because third-party developers have to put higher prices on their apps in order to keep the company or team reasonably profitable. In March last year, spotify complained to relevant departments in Europe about Apple’s software sales policy, which hit innovation and user experience. A preliminary survey by the European Union shows that it is true that some of Apple’s policies will lead to unfair competition for streaming music services on the iPhone. Therefore, a deeper investigation was carried out on Apple’s app store and apple pay mobile payment last month. Last week, the development team of the instant messaging app telegram joined the ranks of accusations of Apple’s monopoly and also filed a complaint in Europe. Video Number assistant internal test online! Four functions let you send 1g video on the computer

Author: zmhuaxia