Apples dried for nothing? 144 billion dollars, iPhone 12 in trouble?

Recently, Apple’s new iPhone 12 has finally come on sale this year, and it has entered the second round of pre-sale period. At present, the enthusiasm of users is still there, but it is far from the first time. Taking Jingdong platform as an example, the total number of appointments is more than 40000, which is still far from the first million. < / P > < p > although we can see the enthusiasm of users, since the release of the iPhone 12, there has been no doubt about this series of models. Especially after Apple announced that it would no longer ship headphones and chargers, such discussions continued to heat up, and even discussed whether the iPhone 12 still smells good. < / P > < p > from the perspective of some review organizations, they compare the iPhone 12 with the old iPhone, as well as the models of friends. Therefore, it can be seen that they are not providing purchasing suggestions for consumers, they are only analyzing from the perspective of products and technology rather than talking about the market. < / P > < p > but many individual users often add market factors into it. In fact, iPhone is a consumer electronic product after all, that is, it is not a just needed product in life. Whether the user chooses or not depends on the user’s personal preference. As the so-called lop cabbage has his own love, the feeling of the real consumer is the most important. < / P > < p > anyway, for apple, the iPhone 12 is definitely crucial. Although the revenue brought by iPhone is gradually decreasing, it is still the main revenue of apple. However, an interesting phenomenon is that with the release and listing of iPhone 12, Apple has suffered a lot of losses. < / P > < p > before Apple held the iPhone 12 conference, Apple’s stock price was fixed at a high price of 124.4. However, on the day of its launch, Apple’s market value lost more than 50 billion US dollars. Some analysts say that this is Apple’s “old rule”. Because there are always high market expectations before the new products are released, but the expectations are often set very high, so the market value shrinkage is one of them Normal phenomenon. However, with the launch and continuous sales of the iPhone 12, and now it seems that the market acceptance is considerable, but Apple has not received good news. Currently, Apple’s share price has fallen to $115.98, down $8.42 from the high of 124.4 before the launch, which means that Apple’s market value has shrunk by about $144 billion, which directly makes apple fall from the altar with a market value of more than 20000. < / P > < p > so some voices began to wonder whether the iPhone 12 was in trouble? According to Apple’s financial report in 2019, Apple’s gross profit is less than $100 billion, its net profit is less than $60 billion, and its iPhone’s revenue is less than $150 billion. So, is it not Apple’s one-year white? However, it is still too early to question the iPhone 12, even though Apple’s market value has been greatly reduced with the launch of the iPhone 12. For example, when the iPhone 8 series was launched, many people were not optimistic about it, but the sales volume was also good. What’s more, the sales of the iPhone 12 are obviously better than those of the iPhone 8 generation. < / P > < p > so whether the iPhone 12 series is good or not should be left to the users and the market to test and judge. Other aspects, even some evaluation institutions, can not make the final judgment. What do you think of this? Video Number assistant internal test online! Four functions let you send 1g video on the computer