Apple’s invitation to launch iPhone 12 or only one model supports 5g millimeter wave

The launch date of the iPhone 12 series comes to two conclusions: in late September or in October. < / P > < p > before the official launch of September, there are still some lucky thinking friends who guess that Apple will not change the release time at will, or it will be the same as the previous release time of the new iPhone. However, according to the fact that Apple will release the invitation letter about 10 days before the special autumn event, so far we have not seen the invitation letter, which is considered to be breaking the illusion. What will be on September 8? According to Jon Prosser, on this day, Apple’s official website will directly update this year’s new generation iPad and apple watch online. There are still two days to verify it. At that time, you can refresh Apple’s official website at will to see if there are any special changes. < / P > < p > for this time, although there is no conflict, but there are other different news, blogger @ myth xiaojiu’er shared an invitation which is said to be a special event of Apple’s autumn conference in 2020. However, this time is a bit intriguing. The time points to September 11, that is, a week later. According to the time, if a special event is held on September 11, it should have been announced in advance. In addition, the “invitation letter” does not specify the theme. The theme of 2019 is. < / P > < p > in 2019, you can see the color configuration of the iPhone released in Apple logo, while the disclosed figure can see different block types and sizes, or suggest several new product types and color configurations. < / P > < p > in fact, we should prefer the form of mobile phones released by domestic mobile phone manufacturers. We will start to warm up some time before the release. The official will release part of the information, and the release time is also determined. However, apple always tells you the time of “special activities” at the last moment. After so many years, we all know Apple’s “fine tradition”. However, the people who get the news don’t think much about it. They try their best to get the news of new products, which also makes it easier for fruit powder to grasp the dynamic information of new products. Apple has many parts suppliers. In addition to various precision device factories in China, there are also some chip suppliers abroad. Broadcom is one of them. It mainly produces wireless hardware and other components. Three months ago, Broadcom CEO hock Tan disclosed that major products of large North American mobile phone companies would be delayed. Of course, speech is not official news. It has been confirmed recently. In the recent Q3 2020 financial report of Broadcom, it was mentioned that the company’s revenue growth would be postponed to the fourth quarter, which indirectly explained that there would be a large number of shipping demand in the fourth quarter, indicating that the iPhone 12 series is unlikely to be launched in September. < / P > < p > today’s news comes from a report by fast company: according to the news from the wireless industry, there is only one iPhone 12 model that can support 5g millimeter wave, and this model will only be the iPhone 12 Pro Max according to the configuration and price of the iPhone. < / P > < p > don’t think that other models of iPhone 12 will not be equipped with 5g network. In fact, there are also categories in 5g network, among which there is the difference between mmwave and sub-6ghz single-mode. The feature of mmwave is that it needs larger space configuration and consumes more power. In summary, only super large cup is suitable. < / P > < p > What about sub-6ghz, which is not the best? In fact, it has been able to meet the imagination of 5g, and the coverage and compatibility of base station construction are still subject to sub-6ghz. You only need to know that 5g can be used and the speed is good. Xiaomi new machine real machine exposure center dig hole screen design or high color thousand yuan machine