Apple’s iPhone 12 is for signal strength

Apple’s iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro will be officially launched on Friday. The performance of these two mobile phones must be the most concerned place for everyone. So we will not talk much nonsense and give you a first-hand experience immediately. What needs to be specially stated is that the time limit for this hands-on experience is limited, and it can not bring you a comprehensive in-depth experience. However, several aspects that you are most concerned about will certainly satisfy you.

  iPhone Perhaps the most satisfying part of this generation of mobile phones is the appearance design. Apple has shown its strength perfectly in the design. After adding the relevant modules of 5g communication function, it can also make the appearance of mobile phones so thin. It is really the slim design responsibility of 5g era. From this point of view, Apple’s strength or let other mobile phone brands become the catch-up. < / P > < p > let’s take a look at the thickness performance of Apple’s iPhone 12 series. The thickness of 7.4mm is amazing. This is the perfect actual thickness without any surface design. It shows a kind of extreme thin feeling both in vision and in actual grip. < / P > < p > looking at the whole side part, we can find that its design returns to the classic design of the iPhone 4 era. This retro design and thinness is exactly what the current mobile phone market lacks. The new features of 5g mobile phone sacrifice the thinness of mobile phone. Even though mobile phone manufacturers are trying to return to slim design, no one has been able to achieve the ultimate goal of iPhone 12. < / P > < p > the lighting interface continues to be provided at the bottom of the phone, the speaker is also placed at the bottom, and the signboard type two screws make it more technological. The very flat sides allow the iPhone 12 series to stand completely in a horizontal plane, a design rarely seen today. < / P > < p > the full screen design is still our familiar banger screen. After Apple has used it for so many generations, we must be used to it. With apple continuing to use face ID, I’m afraid we’ll have to accept this design for a long time, unless there’s a major change in technology in the future. < / P > < p > in fact, the full screen display effect of iPhone 12 series is not bad, even in the use of horizontal screen, it also has quite good display effect. After all, this top-level OLED screen has a very high display quality. The edge of the screen is no longer the focus area, which will not be noticed in the actual experience. < / P > < p > in the design of the back, the iPhone 12 series continues to have a completely flat shape design, presenting the most classic aesthetic feeling under the simplest design. In terms of color presentation, iPhone 12 series and iPhone 12 Pro Series present two different styles. The five color schemes of the iPhone 12 series are more dynamic, showing a more fashionable and lively feeling. The more high-end iPhone 12 Pro Series continues Apple’s metallic design style, which is more visually textured. < / P > < p > in fact, senior fruit powder can see that there is no special innovative design element in the iPhone 12 series, and its design elements can be found in previous Apple phones. But the strength of apple is that even if there is no innovative design, it can be good-looking, which is a kind of experience of design strength. < / P > < p > finally, we would like to say that Apple has a very different kind of paranoia about slim mobile phone design, and it seems that everything can make way for thinness. Perhaps it is this persistence that makes the iPhone 12 the thinnest choice among 5g mobile phones. The addition of 5g network function is undoubtedly one of the biggest highlights of iPhone 12 series. It is reported that the iPhone 12 series uses the high pass snapdragon x55 baseband chip. The US version supports mmwave and sub-6, while the BOC version supports sub-6. Compared with all previous 4G iPhones, the iPhone 12 series has significant advantages of high bandwidth, high concurrency and low latency. It has obvious advantages in download, online video, remote collaboration, 4K HDR HD video transmission, 5g cloud game and other 5g deep experience. Combined with high-quality hardware, the iPhone 12 series can achieve a comprehensive upgrade of the online experience. < / P > < p > in theory, the U.S. version has high signal strength and can achieve a transmission rate of up to 4gbps, which can be converted into a download speed of 500mbps and an uplink speed of 200Mbps. We have experienced the iPhone 12 national version on the spot. Although we haven’t used the speed measurement software to measure the actual running speed and delay, the signal is basically full. < / P > < p > we can select “enable 5g” and “auto 5g” in “settings cellular network-5g”. The latter is equivalent to the 5g power-saving mode / smart 5g option commonly used on Android phones, and an additional “independent 5g” option for global use of 5g network. In terms of the current facility coverage rate, there are not many users who can use this function, but there is no doubt that this function is advanced. In addition, we can choose “volte” for a more stable 5g voice call experience. < p > < p > the actual performance of the 5g network of the iPhone 12 series will not be able to be tested. Before the release, Guo Mingqi said that due to the late settlement time of Apple’s Qualcomm, due to time constraints, it may not be able to use the front-end components of Qualcomm, which will have a certain adverse impact on the network speed. At the same time, the overseas version of the model will fall back to 4G when the dual card is activated. Whether the version of the Bank of China exists is still unknown. < / P > < p > the author has several expectations for the actual 5g performance of iPhone 12 series: first of all, iPhone The 12 series has replaced the leading-edge 5g baseband, so it can theoretically show higher network stability under the background of 4G general speed reduction. Secondly, the performance of the machine in various extreme network conditions is still unknown. Due to the sub-6 scheme adopted by the BOC version, the theoretical experience will be much better. Finally, apple is the iPhone The 12 series is equipped with independent privacy protection measures, which can effectively ensure the user’s information security, which is worth looking forward to. < / P > < p > previous generations of iPhones performed poorly on signal stability for well-known reasons. But in terms of horizontal comparison, the signal stability of the iPhone has actually been improved in recent years. For example, the signal stability of the iPhone 11 series is much better than that of the iPhone XS and iPhone XR series. At present, 5g network has not yet been fully spread out. As long as the signal stability of the iPhone 12 series reaches the expected value, it will still attract many new and old fruit fans to actively change machines. < p > < p > the iPhone 12 series is equipped with apple A14 bionic processor with a new 5nm process technology, and its actual performance is still very worthy of looking forward to. Apple A14 bionic processor was first applied to iPad air 2020. Compared with apple A13 bionic processor with 7Nm process technology, the CPU performance of Apple A14 bionic processor is improved by 16% and GPU performance is improved by 8.3%. The improvement is mainly in AI computing power, with an increase of 70%, which makes the machine learning ability and image processing ability brought by high-performance ISP greatly improved. < p > < p > considering the endurance performance, the performance improvement of Apple A14 bionic processor is not obvious, and the previously exposed performance score of Antu rabbit is basically about 600000. However, in terms of the main service cycle of the recent 3-4 years, its performance is still enough to be superior to the others in the first echelon. With up to 6GB of storage, the sharp performance of the iPhone 12 series can still shake off Android models and call them dads. There is no doubt about this. < / P > < p > we used the real-time RPG mobile game to experience the game under the highest picture quality. Not surprisingly, the four models of the iPhone 12 series can run the game smoothly at a frame rate of 60fps. Compared with the Android model which can only run at 30fps, it shows great performance and differentiated experience advantages. Because Apple supports the PS4 and Xbox handles to operate iPhone games, and apple has an independent Apple arcade game lineup and supports wireless airplay screen projection using MacOS devices, its game experience is quite commendable. < / P > < p > overall, the performance of the iPhone 12 series is relatively excellent, at least in our actual operation process, there is no jam or serious heating problem, and the performance is commendable. In 2020, apple A14 bionic processor is still a pioneering and practical hardware product. In terms of service life, according to the data leaked by Vodafone, the battery capacity of iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 / iPhone 12 pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max are 2227 MAH, 2775 MAH and 3687 MAH respectively, which is better than that exposed before release. We are curious about whether the iPhone 12 series can hold this year’s robust hardware, and Apple’s ability to manage the battery life this year. If Apple’s two “small cup” models of iPhone 12 series can follow the outstanding performance of iPhone XR and iPhone 11, they will definitely sell well! However, considering the huge power consumption of 5g baseband, super retina OLED screen and other “tigers”, apple still needs to continue to optimize the battery life of IOS 14. < / P > < p > at the same time, for environmental protection purposes, apple only provides USB type-C to lightning cable for iPhone 12 series. Therefore, the author suggests that when selecting charging heads, you should try to choose the products of Apple official or famous third-party manufacturers such as Anker, Belkin, Beisi and lvlian, and the prices will not be too different. < / P > < p > the real highlight of the iPhone 12 series is the new MagSafe wireless charger. MagSafe wireless charger has a variety of forms, which can be used for iPhone, airpods and apple watch devices, and magnetic attraction is an important highlight. Its power can reach 15W. Compatible with Qi wireless charging. < / P > < p > at present, on Apple’s official website, users can buy a 479 yuan MagSafe leather card bag for iPhone and a 329 yuan MagSafe wireless charger. The former has five colors that can hold credit cards, while the latter is similar to the familiar Apple watch wireless charger. We have experienced the MagSafe wireless charger on site. Its charging rate is much higher than the previous 5V / 1A wired charging, which basically does not generate heat. The magnetic absorption is tight, and the mechanical feedback of adsorption action is also in place. When charging with MagSafe wireless charger, a MagSafe outline circular charging logo will appear on the mobile phone, showing excellent display effect. < / P > < p > in addition, the iPhone 12 series is equipped with super retina OLED screens, which are 5.4 inches, 6.1 inches and 6.7 inches, respectively. Take the iPhone 12 Pro Max as an example, its screen resolution is 2778 * 1284 pixels, and the screen pixel density is 458ppi. The screen is covered with a layer of super ceramic crystal panel made by Corning, which has strong anti falling and anti scratch ability. The mobile phone body supports IP68 waterproof and dustproof. < / P > < p > the super retina OLED screen has the best screen quality on the mobile phone, and still supports HDR display, primary color display, dci-p3 wide color gamut and 2000000:1 contrast. When HDR is on, its maximum brightness can reach 1200nits; in dark mode, iPhone 12 series can realize global dark mode, which can save power and protect eyes. XDR means extreme dynamic range, which was first applied to pro display XDR. With the support of extreme dynamic range, pro display XDR has the top level in color accuracy, Adobe RGB and dci-p3 gamut, which is the best choice for professionals. < / P > < p > take