Apple’s iPhone 12 is named after the public, netizens: what is left besides the appearance

Apple’s new product launch on the 16th did not have the iPhone 12 series mobile phones that Apple fans expected. It can be said that it was quite disappointed. However, according to Apple’s plan, the release date of this iPhone 12 series mobile phone is also very close. This is not. A few days after the press conference, apple started a wave of warm-up. Oh, no, it should be that there is another wave of warm-up in the market! < / P > < p > Yes, the new product is mini, which has been named after mini and is used on iPad, MAC and iPod. Small cell phones are generally named after SE. This time, it is used on mobile phones. Does it seem that there is no bright spot in Apple’s iPhone 12 series? Writing on this irrelevant name? < / P > < p > according to the information about iPhone 12 on the Internet, there is no doubt that this series of products are equipped with a new A14 processor, which is different from that of the domestic Android mobile phone’s new product release. In addition to the appearance design, processor, other aspects such as camera and other performance, there is not too much information on the Internet. IPhone Is there no other highlight in the 12 series except for the exterior design? Maybe there is a big trick waiting for the fruit powder to surprise the fruit powder one by one. Science Discovery

Author: zmhuaxia