Apple’s most inseparable Chinese company, relying on 5nm technology alone, can earn 24 billion yuan in half a year

In the global smartphone market, iPhone sales have fallen to the third place, but its profits and brand influence are far ahead. The reason why Apple mobile phone can achieve such a great success in the world is naturally due to its excellent product quality. Of course, this is also inseparable from the support of the supply chain behind apple. Among many suppliers, TSMC is the most indispensable Chinese company for apple. As the world’s largest wafer foundry, TSMC, with its advanced technology, has almost won all orders from apple in recent years. The A14 bionic chip of Apple’s first 5g mobile phone iPhone 12 is produced by TSMC. According to the Taiwan media industry and commerce times, although TSMC will no longer produce chips for Huawei after September 14, it is expected to complete the shipment of about 20000 5nm wafers within the grace period, and apple pack has taken the capacity of TSMC’s 5nm process in the second half of the year to produce A14 chips, which can successfully fill the capacity gap after losing Huawei’s orders. In addition to the arm architecture a14x processor of Apple Mac or iPad, TSMC’s revenue will be greatly increased. IC insights, a market research organization, predicts that TSMC’s 5nm will contribute about $3.5 billion in revenue to the company in the second half of the year, which also means that TSMC can absorb 24 billion yuan in half a year with only 5nm. According to the author’s understanding, at present, only TSMC can realize the mass production of 5nm chips in the world. Although Samsung, the world’s second largest wafer foundry, has also broken through the 5nm process, due to the impact of the epidemic, Samsung did not get the EUV lithography machine ordered by ASML until the end of June, and its 5nm chip production is still in the initial stage. Recently, it was reported that the output of the 5nm process at Samsung foundry was much lower than expected. It can be seen that TSMC is the only choice for apple to produce 5nm chips, and apple is naturally inseparable. In addition, TSMC has shifted the research and development focus of the next generation process to the field of 3nm. Recently, TSMC has disclosed to the outside world that its 3nm process is expected to carry out risk trial production in 2021 and realize large-scale mass production in 2022. At the same time, TSMC’s 2nm technology is also in the process of orderly research and development, and TSMC is cooperating with a major customer to accelerate the research and development of 2nm, which is speculated to be apple. < / P > < p > if there is no accident, TSMC will still take the lead in the field of 3nm and 2nm. Its position as the world’s largest foundry will not be shaken in the next few years, and Apple will naturally continue to cooperate with TSMC. Thanks to the support of big customers such as apple, the market value of TSMC is also rising, reaching US $408 billion, about RMB 2.8 trillion. Continue ReadingVideo Number assistant internal test online! Four functions let you send 1g video on the computer